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We love hearing from readers. Weight loss can be an emotional and complicated process, and we are thrilled that has become a place where people looking to lose weight can connect with each other, discuss what works and what doesn’t, and share their experiences. To encourage discussion, we are posting some of the positive feedback we’ve gotten. If you have a question or comment, contact our editor directly at Good luck to all!

Missy, November 28th

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have a severe nickel allergy and I have been searching for this answer before purchasing BB. I was only about a day or so away from buying it, but you have saved me. Thank you very much.

Sindy, November 4th:

I also want to thank you for posting this and to thank this site for existing. I have started to read real people comments on here, and it really makes a huge differnce to listening to those fake actors/actresses in commercials.

Lily, October 26th:

I was thinking of ordering Sensa so I decided to do a little research for reviews on this product. I am so glad I did! Thank you all for saving me from an expensive mistake!

Monica, October 22nd:

I tried Avesil because I trust this web site, and happy I did. Thanks Dietspotlight for all the insights of products out there! Monica

Emo, October 10th:

I actually think so too=] I have been poking around the web for some time this week, and its kinda hard to find something interesting to read on blogs=] But this site actually keeps catching my attention. Great posts, and cool design ^__^. Ill be sure to give it more visits from now on =)

Bonnie, September 27:

I was watching the ad on Tv and decided to check out some feedback… me the women in the ad that are sucessful all have the same voice, which I find whiny and annoying…Glad you wrote your review…Thanks.I’ll find a plan 2

Sandy, September 20th:

I’m watching the infomerical right now and decided to look for comments and I’m so glad that I did. Thanks everyone for the “beware” notices….I don’t have the money to lose either.

Juniper, September 18th:

Thank you, thank you and thank you again to all who contributed to this page. Good stuff and bad stuff, thank you because now at least I feel like I can make an informed decision.

Crissy, July 29th:

Well im 15 almost 16 im 5″4 weighing in at 304. My mom is about to order me this program which i found one night watching t.v. im nervous because i dont want my mom to spend all this money on a fraud but by looking at ur coments i beleive its a good choice im ready for a total turn around in my life so i can be healthy and fit and one day when i have kids to make sure they are healthy 2.

Anonymous, July 22nd:

I am so happy for this website i didnt know he product contained corn or milk or soy products. they should say. that can be so deadly.

gatormom04, July 15th:

Well, huskernurse, how is it going? After reading almost all of the comments, I chose yours to respond to now. I feel that you are most like me. I am a bit older, 52 and I am about 5′6 and 220. How is it working? I lost almost 100lbs, kept it off 3 years and I have now gained back about 30 this year. I am getting married next summer and we enjoy outdoor activities together. Inspire me, girl!

gail, July 3rd:

Thank you all for saving me some hard earned money. This stuff has “scam” written all over it. Good luck to everyone in your weight-loss endeavors. I hope we all can find a way….

decadecon10der, June 16th:

Out of 316 comments and reviews I have only noticed one that said “this product is not for me”. I ordered and will start the 30lb. plunge as soon as I get the product.

MGD, June 8th:

Bought some new summer clothes and went down 3 sizes. I am so pleased. Hope this gives some inspiration.

Kristy, June 4th :

Wow. Was about to order it and decided before I put my Credit Card number in to read some reviews.

Richard, June 2nd :

Was glad that I read this!

Laura I, May 26th :

Hi Everyone, I’m new here and I’m SO grateful I found this website! It’s fantastic and gave me a WEALTH of information.

April, May 26th :

Ok guys.. Thank you so much for the wonderful information.

Anonymous, May 11th :


Susannah, May 6th :

Well, I read ALL the reviews that everyone has put on here and I am going to give this a shot. I am 38, 5′5″ and 159lbs. I am hoping to lose about 20 punds by summer (July-ish).

Angie, May 4th:

Hi, thank you all for this info! This is exactly what I am looking for when buying a new product! People using it!

Ally, April 24th:

Thank you so much for this review! I just purchased this product and have been reading for a decent positive review, especially about the diet part. I know feel confident and excited to take this product. Hope it works just as well for me as it did with you.

meg, April 14th:

After reading all of the near 300 reviews, I decided to give it a whirl, and I’m very glad I did! The reviews were helpful and fairly accurate, but I feel like since I was expecting some negative side effects, I was not only prepared, but they turned out not to be as bad as I anticipated.

Jal, March 10th:

On top of that the price is ridiculously high. I refuse try anymore of their products and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Jan, March 7th:

Thanks, Autummn. I too, am very sensitive to caffeine, so I appreciated your comments about it. Am thinking of giving this product a try.

tducke1969, March 2nd:

I am 40, 5′4″ and weigh 129 lbs. I have a small frame so that’s a lot for me. I got lazy, and then I got tired and now I feel HORRIBLE. In October, we are going on our first vacation in 5 years to Myrtle Beach, so I am determined to get into a bikini and not feel like a stuffed sausage! LOL I came to this website for inspiration and motivation, and I am really counting on SI6 to get healthy and fit!

Ayanna, February 20th:

I have read of the comments and replies and I am motivated to give this a try.

BN, February 18th:

Thanks everyone for posting your comments and results. I am 44 yrs old and have gained at least 35 lbs over the last year. I am sick and tired of keeping 3-4 set of different pant sizes in my closet!! This is the worst size so far but your positive comments have motivated me to order the trial. I will keep you posted. Good luck everyone:)

Let, February 10th:

Thank u for sharing ypur experience with this pill.

anonymous, February 7th:

interesting review. i might try it.

Margaret Older, January 19th:

The come-on for Sensa popped up on my yahoo mail page and I was intrigued so did a search and found your site. thanks a bunch for saving me from more heartbreak and a lot of money wasted.

Shy, January 17th:

i was 315 lbs and ive been working out and eating frequent small meals i now down to 302 and its been three weeks today i was thinking about this but after reading the reviews ill stick to what iam doing working out and eating betterthis is the safest way!!!!

Lois, January 12th:

Thanks for all of the messages about the reactions to this product. I have even called the Smell & Taste Institute & left a message for the Dr. to call me back. That never happened!!

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    Deirdre Batchelor

    What’s the feedback on LipoFuze.
    I tried it for a month but felt ill with bad stomach, and other problems and lost no weight!?
    Will Avesil be any better?



    Hi Deirdre, I’ve never heard of LipoFuze, I’ll have a member of our team review it. Thanks for the tip! Other readers seem to be successful with Avesil. Good luck!