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Editor's Review: 3.1 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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DieuTone claims to reduce excess body water, provide muscle definition, reduce bloating and puffiness, and offer a “tight, vibrant look.” It achieves all of these benefits through its diuretic properties that help the body lose water weight. Unfortunately, the DieuTone website does not provide many specifics to explain how the formula works other than to say that the unique electrolyte blend will keep the inner muscles hydrated while the skin is tightened around the muscles for a tighter more sculpted look.

It appears that DieuTone is primarily designed for quick, temporary weight loss. The product advertising is geared to women who want to fit into a special occasion dress or bathing suit. It can also to be used to jump start a diet program by helping the user shed a few pounds quickly at the beginning. Because the results are centered on water loss, we would assume that the lost pounds would go right back on once the DieuTone is discontinued.

List of Ingredients

Unfortunately, the DieuTone website does not provide any information about the ingredients that are used in the formula. We would urge consumers to look for companies that do make this information readily available, since a complete ingredient list is essential in determining whether a product will be both safe and effective.

Product Features

DieuTone offers a 14-day free trial, which means that the customer has fourteen days to cancel the order and will only have to pay for shipping and handling. However, no cancellation also means that shipments will be sent every 31 days after the 14-day trial period is over and the customer’s credit card will automatically be billed. At the time of this review, a 31-day supply of DieuTone costs almost $90. We do not recommend this sort of set-up for purchasing diet supplements, since the necessary cancellation process is an inconvenience to the customer and she will usually end up spending more than she intends on the product in question.

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  • DieuTone promises quick, albeit temporary, weight loss.
  • DieuTone offers a 14-day free trial.


  • There are no ingredients listed for the DieuTone product.
  • Customers will be charged for automatic shipments are sent every 31 days if the order is not canceled within the 14-day free trial period.
  • The results seen with DieuTone are only temporary.
  • No clinical studies or customer testimonials are provided.


While there may be nothing wrong with using a diuretic of sorts for quick weight loss on occasion we are not confident of the effectiveness or safety of the DieuTone product. Without a complete ingredient list, customer testimonials or clinical research it is impossible to know whether this formula will deliver on any of its promises. We recommend that consumers look for companies that make this information readily available so that consumers can make educated decisions about their diet supplements.

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