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More than likely you’ve already encountered oodles of weight loss supplements and diet drugs online and in routine stores. One thing is for certain, you have plenty to choose from and the prices tend to vary from supplement to supplement. Take Dieutrim for example. This is a dietary supplement that’s claimed to help with “weight control and longevity.” Each container offers 30 capsules, which are taken daily with water ($28 per bottle). Dieutrim can be attained through websites like ableweightloss.com, but doesn’t seem to come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Unlike some other products for weight management, Dieutrim is marketed as an “alternative to weight loss.” Moreover, this is a “duel action” capsule formula that curbs the user’s appetite, and minimizes calorie intake. As opposed to simply suppressing hunger, Dieutrim is claimed to remove hunger pangs and “numb gastric mucosa.” The user’s ability to taste is even minimized when taking this weight reduction product. While there are several other supplements offered through the website that sells this product, there are no testimonials presented for Dieutrim specifically, which can make it difficult for some individuals to discern the true effects of this diet drug.


Not available on an official website.

Product Features

Dieutrim is basically a weight loss drug that’s suited for individuals 18 and older. Not unlike many other diet supplements, this product may assist with hunger suppression and lead to fewer calories consumed each day. As revealed online, the primary active ingredients found in Dieutrim are L-Phenylalanine (200 mg) and Benzocaine (p-aminobenzoic acid). Although there are no specific side effects mentioned for this weight loss drug, it may depend on what it is you’re allergic to. Naturally women who’re nursing or pregnant should refrain from taking diet drugs such as Dieutrim, unless directed to do so by their doctors. No free trial samples of this supplement are offered at this time.

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  • Dieutrim is available to anyone 18 and older without a doctor’s prescription required.
  • Like most other dietary supplements, this one comes in a convenient capsule form, which can be taken daily with water.


  • A full list of ingredients for Dieutrim is not disclosed.
  • There is no background information provided on the company that manufactures this diet product.
  • Individuals with allergies may want to be leery of certain ingredients found in Dieutrim, since they are not all revealed.
  • There are no positive success stories or testimonials posted to support the effectiveness of this diet drug.


When it comes down to it, there really doesn’t appear to be a great deal unique about Dieutrim. Well, other than one of the two key active ingredients is Benzocaine. This is rather interesting since this component is generally not mentioned as a primary component in weight loss pills. In the end, it’s probably better to really scour the weight loss market before merely choosing a supplement like Dieutrim to potentially aid you with weight loss. If you do choose this product, you may want to learn the full list of ingredients prior to taking it.

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