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Differ Diets focuses on the right diet plan for you. The company realizes not all diet plans are created equal. After filling out the questionnaire, your diet plan is tailored to you, based upon your food likes/dislikes, your fitness level, your commitment to the program as well as the amount of weight you want to lose. A team of individuals seeking to end the trend of yo-yo dieting manages the program. There is no interaction from medical professionals. Without sound medical advice, there is no guarantee dieters will lose weight and achieve weight loss goals.

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  • Differ Diets is a customer diet plan for individuals wanting to lose weight in the short and long-term.

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Differ Diets is a diet plan designed by you and facilitated by individuals with the same end-goal, weight loss. You fill out a quick questionnaire, pay £1 and a diet plan is created for you. The company realizes not every diet is ideal for every person. Aside from the upfront cost, the pricing is vague. We even contacted the customer service department and asked for information relating to the pricing structure. The only information provided was the prices depend on the diet plan. This is a concern due to the budget limitations of certain dieters.

Aside from dietary plans, Differ Diets offers advice and recommendations relating to fitness as well as blogs and fitness news. What we did not see on the website was information relating to the effectiveness of the program, aside from customer testimonials. There was no information relating to clinical trials or scientific research. Just because you assist with the planning of your diet plan does not mean you will lose additional amounts of weight.

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  • Start-up costs are inexpensive.
  • The program focuses on peer motivational tools.
  • The website offers advice on fitness.
  • Customer testimonials are available on the website.


  • There is no information relating to supplementation.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The pricing structure is vague.
  • The program lacks medical advice and recommendations.


Diet systems incorporating peer mentorship are destined to work. You have a group of like-minded individuals wanting to achieve similar results. When a program utilizes medical professionals or experts, this creates a win for everyone involved. Unfortunately, Differ Diets does not incorporate the recommendations or advice of professionals. This is clearly stated on the website. The creators of the program think of themselves as realists; individuals wanting to see you through the process of weight loss from beginning to end.

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