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It can be a challenge finding the ideal weight loss product. If you’re completely new to the dietary supplement market, then you’d better prepare yourself for a massive world of fat reduction pills, appetite suppressants, and colon-cleansing aids. The list goes on and on. Digestrol is one supplement formula that can be found amongst this list. This product is stated to be a “physician formula” for digestive support. Yes indeed, this capsule supplement is claimed to help users maintain a healthy digestive system.

On the official website, it’s revealed that Digestrol offers an “orthomolecular blend,” which is supposed to aid with blood sugar maintenance. While this supplement is claimed to be infused with all-natural ingredients, it’s also revealed to be free of fillers, additives, and chemically generated compounds. Unlike some supplements currently available, Digestrol is supposedly “the result of years of research.” At this point there are supposed to be no side effects related to this cleansing product. Digestrol is sold with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. It’s free of components like soy, tree nuts, peanuts, dye, corn, dairy, gluten, artificial colors, eggs, yeast, fish, sugar and sodium. Furthermore, the website reveals that Digestrol is made in the USA.


Di-calcium Phosphate, Silica, Magnesium Stearate, Betaine Hydrochloride, Pancreatin NF, Pepsin, Ox Ble Extract, Papain, and Alpha Amylase.

Product Features

Digestrol is an internal cleansing supplement that’s pitched toward women and men that may have issues with regularity, abdominal pains, cramping or simply feelings of lethargy. The key active ingredients incorporated into this formula are Betaine Hydrochloride, Pancreatin NF, Pepsin, Ox Ble Extract, Papain, and Alpha Amylase. As claimed on the official website, Digestrol may assist with regular bowel movements, removing toxins from the digestive tract and even constipation. This product has been featured on sites like CNN.com, latimes.com, USA Today, Readers Digest, and the Fox News Channel. A bottle of Digestrol contains 60 capsules and sells for $57.

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  • This dietary supplement is available through the official website without a prescription required.
  • All of the ingredients incorporated into Digestrol are presented on the website for review.


  • There are no positive testimonials presented on the website to support this supplement.
  • Certain ingredients found in Digestrol could lead to allergic reactions in some users.
  • It is not really clarified that this supplement formula will assist with weight loss at all.
  • Digestrol does not aim to help with thermo genesis or appetite suppression.


As you’ve likely noticed, there are numerous supplements out there these days that make similar claimed to Digestrol. Naturally everyone wants to take great care of their digestive system and make certain it functions properly. As for Digestrol, this product is more of an “internal cleanser” than anything else. This means that it may not assist at all with long-term weight loss. Therefore if that’s what you’re searching for, then you may want to take a peek at some of the other supplement formulas out there. There are some that suppress appetite, and help with thermo genesis.

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    Digestrol works for IBS suffers, however to list it as a weight loss aid is a bit ridiculous. I have been on it for many years and my only gripe is how expensive it is.