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The Dillard Diet was started in Florida by Dr. Floyd Dillard, a physician possibly trying to jump on the bandwagon of other popular diet programs like the Atkins and South Beach plans. Locations can be found in Florida for the Dillard Diet Design, and it seems there are six offices in Eustis, Leesburg, Ocala, Lake Mary, Daytona, and West Palm Beach.

Based on what we found on other websites it appears that the Dillard Diet employs a similar concept to the Atkins and South Beach diet programs. The theory is that losing weight is best done by eliminating carbohydrates from the diet as much as possible. When this energy source is taken from the body it will have no other choice than to pull from fat reserves to get the energy that it needs. At the turn of the century, this philosophy became a popular one among many dieters. However, concerns over safety of these diets have resulted in a reduction in interest in losing weight through these methods.

List of Ingredients

Since there is not a specific diet supplement that we could find for the Dillard Diet there are no ingredients to review for this plan. Instead, the Dillard Diet seems to revolve around making food choices that don’t include carbohydrates. While some dieters claim to have achieved positive results through these diet programs concerns over what these menus can do to heart and cardiovascular health have led many to search for other methods of weight loss.

Product Features

It appears that the Dillard Diet is only available to Florida residents that live near a clinic that provides this program. Without a functioning website others cannot take advantage of the diet because information about the plan is not readily available. This greatly limits the potential success of the Dillard Diet and makes us wonder if the limited availability might have led to the demise of the program.

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  • The Dillard Diet is a non-surgical approach to weight loss.


  • Information about the Dillard Diet is only available to those who live near a Dillard Diet center in Florida.
  • A supplement does not appear to be included with the plan, meaning that if you’ve tried similar diets without success this approach offers nothing new.


Without much information to go on regarding the Dillard Diet it is difficult to recommend the program. We prefer that companies make information readily available to the consumer so that educated decisions can be made in regards to weight loss. We would urge consumers to look for proven weight loss products with a strong online presence and plenty of information available.

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  • 1

    Is the online Dillard Diet have the same results as if going into the Dr. Office?


  • 2
    Joan Huntt

    What is the cost???


  • 3
    Kathy Lowe

    I am on 12 pill a day , had a heart attack at 40,some of my meds say rapied weight gain. i was 117 at the time of the heart attack, now 250 and i so sick of it. Can you Help!


  • 4
    Kristin Griffin

    This diet is amazing!!! Works fast and easy to stick with. Ive been on the diet for 5 weeks now and have lost 25.6 pounds and still going :)



    hi, i live in the UK, would u be able to tell me what eat and one day diet plain for Dr Dillards Diet. please



    Congratulations!!! I live in Ocala, is there an diet center close by?



    according to this post there is a location in ocala.. i personally did this diet and had rapid results.. i recommend


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