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Dimaxx is a Germany based company that has only one product that it manufactures and sells. Dimaxx is the creator of a unique creatine supplement. Unlike most creatine supplements Dimaxx uses micro mineral system to increase creatine levels in athletes to achieve top performances from them. Many other Creatine supplements use a powder supplement and load the athlete heavily with Creatine before an event or workout to increase muscle mass. Dimaxx is a liquid form of creatine which is taken in smaller doses for a longer time. The body is better able to absorb Dimaxx’s liquid form of creatine than the traditional powder formulas. Dimaxx has taken their creatine product to a new level by adding D-Ribose. This is another supplement added to feed the muscles allowing for a quicker recovery from a workout or an event.


Dimaxx contains 500mg of Creatine Monohydrate Serum and 250mg of D-Ribose. Inactive ingredients contained in Dimaxx’s creatine formula include Invert sugar, Strawberry flavor, methylparaben and water.

Product Features

Dimaxx is a creatine supplement sold in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands. Dimaxx is readily available online through the official website as well as third party websites. Dimaxx has taken creatine supplements to a new level. This company has enhanced the shelf life of their product to remain just as effective one year from the manufactured date as the day it was made. The long shelf life for this product is promising especially for the occasional creatine booster. Creatine is a substance naturally found in the body. In the years after the negative steroid use scandals, creatine became the new product for athletes to use to enhance their physique as well as performance. Creatine supplements have been very popular among body builders as well as young teens looking to bulk up for sports or even to get the girls attention. Creatine is considered a safe alternative to steroid use. It is a substance that we are already creating in our bodies and one which we ingest when eating meat. Creatine is the energy that our muscles use during and after a workout. Creatine from Dimaxx is to be taken twice a day on non workout days at a dose of 5ml each time. When the user is working out, Dimaxx is to be taken 30 minutes prior to the routine or event and this is at a dose of 10ml rather than 5ml.

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  • Dimaxx is a creatine supplement designed to enhance performance and physique in its users.
  • Dimaxx is available through the dedicated website.


  • Dimaxx only has one nutritional supplement product available.
  • Dimaxx is a German company and shipment maybe delayed due to import laws.


Dimaxx is a nutritional supplement not designed to aid in weight loss but rather to increase muscle mass and athletic performance. Dimaxx has changed the way we look at creatine. They have special web pages dedicated to women and why they should use creatine supplements and the safety of the use of creatine. Creatine was the new go to supplement after the scandals of professional athletes and steroid use. Creatine was seen as the safe alternative to steroids. Dimaxx has taken great care to try to enhance creatine use and its reputation.

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