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What You Should Know

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Dimethabolin is a supplement sold by MyoPharma. As a supplement, the product does not contain real steroids, though the product description leads the bodybuilder to believe it contains just that. Steroids are illegal in the United States and therefore supplement companies cannot sell them without facing legal action. So, how does a company claim a product contains a steroid when it really doesn’t? Chemists take steroid compounds into a laboratory and add to the chemical structure. The final result is a compound based on a steroid that is not illegal because it was just created. Typically, the FDA steps in after a short while and makes the new product illegal, but until that happens, supplement companies can sell the products based on the effects of steroids. Dimethabolin is a supplement based on a steroid with an added “azine” bond.

List of Ingredients

Dymethazine Clone.

Product Features

Why is there such a huge push for prohormones and steroids in the bodybuilding community? These substances are the only proven products that WILL increase lean muscle mass and strength. In some cases, strength and size are increased only while the product is taken. After the cycle is complete, much of the strength and size is lost, but the novice bodybuilder does not read that far into the description.

Chemists take substances that are illegal and change them to create new prohormones. Until the FDA can catch up, these substances are legal. Dimethabolin is categorized as a prohormone, but despite the proven effect of some prohormones, the bodybuilding community is not sold on any of them. According to many reviews, prohormones are not worth the side effects as the strength and mass are short-lived by the side effects can last a long time – possible forever.

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  • Dimethabolin will likely increase lean muscle mass and strength.
  • Available from mega-supplement company MyoPharma.
  • Sells online.
  • Remains legal, for now.


  • May cause an athlete to fail a competition drug test.
  • May be considered illegal in some competitions.
  • May cause negative side effects similar to steroids and other prohormones.


Prohormones aim to increase lean muscle mass and strength by boosting testosterone levels. In some cases, supplement companies will create a new prohormone from an old, illegal chemical compound. All it takes is a bond here or there and the substance is brand new and not covered by current laws, but that doesn’t mean the substance is legal, in terms of competition. The altered chemical compound may still come up on drug tests for competition.

Dieters should stay away from prohormones and steroids. These products do not offer any weight loss benefits and may actually cause weight gain and liver damage.

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