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DineWise is a meal delivery company. The concept of having healthy portion and calorie controlled meals delivered directly to your door to help you lose weight has been around for quite some time, and has increased in popularity over the years with more companies jumping on the bandwagon. DineWise has been in the meal delivery business for 45 years.

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DineWise is a meal delivery company that does more than just weight loss meals. They claim to use only top quality gourmet ingredients int heir meal preparation, and adhere to strict food preparation guidelines set forth by their Advisory Board of Food Experts. Their meal delivery plan options include: diabetic friendly meals, weight loss meals, healthy meals, gluten free meals, low carb meals, men’s health meals, family style meals, senior meals, and low sodium meal plans. Various meal plans are available, and some meals are on sale at all times, though the sale meals rotate and could be any product at any time. You have the option to purchase all three meals a day for all seven days of the week, meals for five days a week, lunches and dinners only, or dinners only. This allows you to choose the best plan for your lifestyle and budget. You get free meals when you choose to automatically ship your food supply. We checked the prices of one weeks worth of weight loss meals, for all three meals a day and found the price to be $209.99/week. There is an online tool to help you select meals based on a mix and match system so you can choose the entree, side, and vegetable component of every meal.

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  • This company isn’t just about meals for weight loss.
  • DineWise allows for various meal plan options.


  • This program can get expensive quickly.
  • DineWise does not promote exercise.


DineWise is a trustworthy company in the meal delivery industry, as it has been around for quite sometime. We like that it has more than just weight loss meals, but we do not like that there is no promotion of a healthy exercise plan. We believe you can lose weight without investing so much money into the meals. You can save money and make your own healthy meals, which you freeze and thaw as needed if you do not have time to make a healthy meal every time, every day. You should also engage in regular exercise, and you can do that without investing in a gym membership. To lose more weight than with diet and exercise alone, add a proven weight loss supplement-either a fat burner or appetite suppressant-to your daily routine.

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