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Dinitel is a stimulant drug prescribed for obesity. It is in the amphetamine family, which means it speeds up heart rate while boosting mood. This combination is fantastic for losing weight, but not every dieter can take an amphetamine, especially if they are already taking prescription medications. We found no information on the drug being sold in the United States, but we know Aventis is currently selling the drug legally in Mexico. The trade names for Dinitel include Clobenzorex, Asenlix, Finedal and Rexigen.

We found one website selling the drug online. The selling price for this prescription medication is $330 for 90 pills. This is a 45-day supply. There is no way of proving you are actually getting Dinitel in the mail.

List of Ingredients


  • Clobenzorex

Product Features

Dinitel is not a supplement. There is no caffeine, chromium, green tea, synephrine or other common supplement ingredient in the mix. This is a REAL drug that is sold to treat obesity. The drug is an amphetamine so only a select patient will be approved for the medication.

Even though this medication is sold online, you should not order Dinitel from an unknown source without a prescription. You could be getting some other medication or a strong stimulant supplement in place of the prescription medication.

When we researched the drug further we found that Dinitel is banned in the United States. There were negative side effects when the drug was popular in the 1970s so the FDA just stopped selling it in the US. The drug is still around, however. Baseball players have been caught using Dinitel. They call them greenies because of the green capsule.

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  • Dinitel will increase weight loss and inhibit hunger.
  • The drug is currently available for sale in Mexico.
  • Increases energy.


  • There were negative side effects so the drug is not legal in the United States.
  • Not all dieters should take an amphetamine for weight loss.
  • Abused by baseball players in the US.


There are multiple names for Dinitel and multiple uses for the drug. Clinically, Dinitel is used to treat obesity, but it has been used off market for increased energy, focus, attention and mental acuity by athletes. We do not support using prescription medications for weight loss or any other reason without a prescription from a licensed physician. This drug cannot be purchased in the US due to negative side effects.

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