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The current weight loss market is loaded with supplements that contain “key active ingredients.” This is where Dinitrophenol comes into the picture. It’s a bit unclear whether or not this substance is only for prescription weight reduction products or not. After doing a bit of online research, it appears that Dinitrophenol, which is also commonly referred to as DNP, is used for weight loss because it aids the user’s metabolism. However, there are some side effects that can occur with this ingredient. The key is consulting a real physician before ever attempting to take DNP.

According to certain online sources like dnpweb.com, Dinitrophenol “accomplishes an outstanding increase in metabolic rates” by inhibiting the “F0F1 ATP Synthase Molecule,” which is clarified to be located inside the mitochondrial wall. Now, you may be wondering what exactly that means for individuals who’re struggling to shed excess body fat. Well, by taking Dinitrophenol and maintaining the same diet plan, you may be able to burn of up to “20-40 percent more calories” each day. This is without even adopting a regular fitness routine. Although I found two online sources that sold Dinitrophenol-based supplements, both appeared to be discontinued. It’s common for DNP to be used by bodybuilders.



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Dinitrophenol or DNP is a substance that’s sometimes used for weight loss. Although it’s claimed to be very effective at increasing metabolic rates in some users, there are certain side effects that often apply to this fat reduction ingredient. These can range from the body overheating (this refers to the user’s body cooking from the inside), to insomnia, to dehydration, to carcinogenesis, to sweating and discomfort, to yellow bodily fluids, to muscle soreness, to carbohydrate cravings, to allergic reactions. Naturally it’s crucial to take the correct dosage of Dinitrophenol, which is generally directed by a physician. A specific period of time will likely be addressed for taking this weight loss drug, which means that it should not be taken any longer unless directed by a doctor.

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  • Dinitrophenol is claimed to seriously boost the rate in which foods are metabolized.
  • Up to 20-40 percent of the user’s calories may be burnt off by this weight loss product daily.


  • There is no official website discussing this active component.
  • There are a number of potential side effects that go along with taking DNP, which involve the body overheating (this refers to the user’s body cooking from the inside), insomnia, dehydration, carcinogenesis, sweating and discomfort, yellow bodily fluids, muscle soreness, carbohydrate cravings, and even allergic reactions.
  • It appears that some Dinitrophenol supplements have been taken off the market.


When it comes to substances like Dinitrophenol, it can be difficult to determine whether or not the product is right for you. You must keep in mind all of the potential side effects that go along with this weight loss drug. While DNP may lead to boosted metabolic rates, you need to remember that this substance can result in much more serious health afflictions, which may make it not worth taking.

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    my son died taking this don’t use it it kills


  • 2

    my son died taking this don’t use it it killed him 8/31/2015


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    As a generally libertarian individual practicing medicine, I would strongly advise against taking DNP. Too many people die needlessly because they took DNP with the mindset that it will act as any other health drug or pill, increasing in benefit with increased use.

    Think of DNP as a poison. In extremely small doses, it may help you burn a few extra calories, but anything larger can and will kill you. If you are determined to use DNP, do NOT use any more than one or two pills. As some have mentioned, remain hydrated and keep your body cool.

    The reason DNP “cooks” you from inside is that it takes what would normally be turned into cellular energy and turns it into heat. As a result, more fat is burned to make up for the energy loss. However, the way it inhibits cellular energy production also inhibits water production within affected cells, leading to dehydration and potentially hyperthermia.

    If you do not want to cause lasting damage to your body, don’t take any more than 250 – 350mg of DNP. This is a general estimate. If you have a low BMI, I would not recommend taking DNP at all. Again, think of it as a poison that might help you in extremely small doses, but will cause serious damage to your body and potentially lead to death.


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    please please do not take this. Chris Mapletoft, my oldest childhood friend took these pills, which tragically killed him this summer. he was a cleaver guy, who would not have taken them had he been aware of its disastrous affects, please do not be fooled by the lack of negative information you may find about these pills.


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    My son’s friend at school died from taking DNP on June 18th this year, just after his last exam. It is a vile, vile substance. Please don’t take it. If you need to lose weight, just grit your teeth, eat properly and exercise – it worked for me.


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    My friend died taking this compound. It is an incredibly toxic compound. They essentially cooked from the inside. Avoid at all costs.


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    WARNING! DNP is BAD SHIT! I took care of a patient who took DNP. He died. And it wasn’t a pleasant death either. This stuff has been used as an herbicide, explosive, wood preservative, and photographic developer. It is not for humans!


  • 8
    Angel F

    Dnp when taken as described is very effective… key is to stay hydrated,take early in day as not to interupt sleep pattern… AND MORE IS NOT BETTER!!!! LESS YOU HAVE A DEATH WISH.


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    Kailey Anne

    Actually, DNP doesn’t interrupt the Krebs cycle, it interrupts the electron transport portion of cellular respiration. The hydrogen ions required for the formation of ATP don’t get pushed against the biological membrane, the cristae of the mitchondria. Instead the intermembrane is permeable to the H+ instead of needing to be forced through by negatively charged electrons. The proton gradient across the mitochondria is lost when this happens and the proton motive force fails, therefore the ATP(chemical energy) is not created, thus causing the energy from the proton gradient to be lost as heat. If no energy can be created it can not be stored and storage of the energy is what causes fat to accumulate. This can cause death in the worst case scenario due to overheating of the body. However, it is still being researched as a means to find a so-called “cure” for obesity. DNP is very effective for weight loss, but it needs to be closely monitored.


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    Ewart Padgett

    DNP works by interrupting the Krebs cycle of metabolism, causing some of the food energy to be thrown off as heat, increasing body temperature. For that reason dosage must be tightly controlled to prevent lethal overheating, particularly during exercise, or hot weather. Its use depletes some forms of the thyroxine the body produces, requiring supplementation to maintain optimal body function and weight loss. One can easily and safely lose 100-150# in a year.


  • 12

    What colour is dnp and does it work after the 4th pill and will it work without a proper diet and exercise or must one folloe a diet and exercise daily?????????????



    Its yellow, and with anything, it will work much better with diet and exercise.


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