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Diosmin 95 is a supplement taken orally to reduce the effects of various veins and other vein issues. Diosmin is a natural ingredient found in plants. The active ingredient in Diosmin is known as Flavanoid. Flavanoids are blood thinner so it should be with caution and doctor’s approval that you take this supplement. In many countries Diosmin 95 is only available through prescription, but the FDA has only allowed Diosmin 95 to be sold as an herbal supplement. It also has not put any restrictions on this supplement as there has not been solid evidence to show Diosmin 95 to be grossly harmful to ones health.


Diosmin 95 contains 95% sweet orange extract. The other 5% of this supplement is not disclosed to consumers. In the United States Diosmin 95 is sold in health food and nutritional stores but in other parts of the world Diosmin 95 is only available through prescription.

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Diosmin 95 is a supplement that is used to treat varicose veins and other vein related issues. Diosmin 95 is basically a natural blood thinner. It not only thins the blood but also helps protect the veins from being damaged. Since Diosmin 95 is a blood thinner it is important to consult a physician before talking Diosmin 95 and also before any medical procedures. It is important to inform your physician of any thing you take whether it is through prescription or through over the counter treatments and supplements. Diosmin 95 is a perfect example of this, as a patient would have to be off this product for a period of time before any procedure due to possible blood loss. The United States has allowed Diosmin 95 to be sold without a prescription as an herbal supplement. The safety of this product has not been confirmed, but there is not sufficient scientific evidence to have this product banned from the United States market or labeled as a prescription drug. This supplement should not be taken in combination with other blood thinners or SSRI’s and other forms of anti-depressants. Dangerous reactions may occur.

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  • Diosmin 95 is available as a nutritional supplement and does not require a prescription in the United States.
  • Diosmin 95 has been used as an effective treatment for vein issues in Europe for more than 30 years.


  • Diosmin 95 may have very serious side effects when taken with other medications and supplements.
  • Diosmin 95 does not assist in weight loss, which is an underlining condition to many vein issues.
  • Diosmin 95 has not been proven safe , but also has not been taken off the market in the United States as it is not considered extremely dangerous.


Diosmin 95 is a flavanoid that can help reverse and heal veins. This is a blood thinner that has been used in the treatment of various vein disorders for years in Europe. It is only available through prescription in some countries but in the United States it can be found sold in nutritional and health food stores.

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  • 1

    where can I buy Diosmin 95


  • 2

    what are some of the vitamins that would cause a problem taking Diosmin 95


  • 3
    Jean mc Cotter

    Can diosmin cause heart palpitations and or atrial flutter?


  • 4
    mary gamboa

    i ordered this product from extension magazine and took it for 2days stopped was scared felt kind of weird. have throid and high blood pressure.never asked the doctor about it.


  • 5
    Marie Milo

    I take synthroid 0.125 mg 6 days/week. Is it safe to take Diosmin 450 mg/Hesperidin 50mg


  • 6
    joeta arnold

    I take vit e, fish oil flaxseed,all blood thinners,should i add another


  • 7
    David Meskenas

    I have MS and on Betaseron for the MS. Does Diosmin have any side effects while on Betaseron?


  • 8

    Why shouldn’t diosmin be taken with ssris? Thanx.



    Just talked to my Walgreen’s pharmacist about the same question. He looked it up and saw no contraindications for diosmin or “veinsense” with ssri’s. Don’t know why they posted about dangers?? Confusing.


  • 9
    mary gamboa

    can you take it with thyroid med or high blood pressure meds?


  • 10

    I take one Levothroid 50mcg tab every morning 30 minutes before eating is it ok to take Diosmin 95® and if so how long should I wait after taking my morning Levothroid?