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Diva International is a company based in Canada that has created a new line of feminine hygiene products designed to be safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional feminine hygiene products. The Diva International product known as Diva cups is sold on various online retail websites, but is currently not available through a dedicated website. The dedicated website does provide consumers with important information on the Diva International product the Diva Cup. This website gives facts and instructions for the use of the Diva Cup.


Diva International is the makers of the Diva Cup. The Diva Cup is a non latex product used for capturing menstrual flow.

Product Features

Diva International is the manufacturer of an alternative feminine hygiene product known as the diva cup. The Diva cup is a device inserted into the opening of the vagina to capture menstrual flow. Diva International advertises their product as a safer method of feminine hygiene, as it does not touch the cervix and limits the occurrences of Toxic Shock Syndrome commonly caused by traditional tampons. The Diva International company has over 30 years experience in this field of personal hygiene. The Diva Cup is approved by Canada Health and the FDA for use as a feminine hygiene product. It is inserted at the base of the vagina. It is worn internally to capture menstrual flow. It does not absorb the menstrual fluids like a tampon but collects the flow to be discarded of later. This is a reusable product and is considered a more environmentally friendly way of dealing with a woman’s menstrual cycle. The cost of Diva International products is also supposed to save the consumer money over the long term. The initial cost of the Diva International Diva cup is around $25.00 plus the cleaning solution which is an additional $10. This is a reusable system.

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  • Diva International is environmentally friendly.
  • Diva International products may be safer for so consumers than traditional feminine hygiene products.


  • The biggest draw back for the Diva International feminine hygiene product is the yuk factor.
  • The Diva International products are suppose to be leak proof but only if placed just right.
  • The Diva International hygiene products may not be the right size for all consumers.


The Diva International line of products is a greener way of dealing with the monthly gift all women have to deal with at some point. This system comes in two sizes one for pre child birth and one for post child birth, but this does not mean it is the right fit for all consumers. The yuk factor is a major draw back. More traditional feminine products are less messy and more convenient for many women. This product does not have a guide line for how young of a consumer can use this product. Since all women are made slightly different this one size fits most does not provide women with an absolute fix. There is also not a money back guarantee if this product does not work for an individual.

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