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What You Should Know

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Prohormones are commonly used in the bodybuilding community to increase testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone behind muscle growth and muscle mass, but many prohormones are considered illegal for use in competition. Leave it to a supplement company to find a way around this by creating new compounds based on old favorites. DMZ 13 is one of those prohormones created by Evolve Supplements. The original compound is likely based on a controlled prohormone, but with a few additions in the lab (like an azine slapped on the end) a completely new supplement is born.

Dieters cannot use prohormones to increase weight loss. Boosting testosterone may help lean out the body, but there is the potential for liver damage and estrogen imbalance. In some communities, however, prohormones are being used to prolong life, which is not a proven benefit of the substances.

List of Ingredients

13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10) dien-17-one and 17-beta-hydroxy-2-apha,17-dimethyl-5-alpha-androstan-3-one azine.

Product Features

Prohormones are not considered the ideal supplements for bodybuilding, but most long-term athletes. The potential for side effects is huge and the product must be cycled on and off with no more than 4 weeks on. After taking a supplement like DMZ 13, the bodybuilder must take post cycle treatment, to reduce the risk of long-term and permanent side effects. Typically, novice bodybuilders jump right into the prohormone game and they don’t have the money or knowledge to buy a PCT. The negative side effects of the supplement force them to stop mid-cycle and then they feel like crap for weeks after because they have no PCT.

Prohormones are created and marketed all the time. There are some that work wonders and others that cause side effects so bad that no one will ever take the supplement twice. We found no positive reviews of DMZ 13 or prohormones in general.

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  • May increase lean muscle.
  • May promote muscle mass.
  • Legal in the United States.
  • Will likely have fewer side effects than steroids.


  • Requires cycling.
  • DMZ 13 should be taken no longer than 4 weeks.
  • Requires PCT after the 4 week cycle.
  • May cause negative side effects.


Prohormones are not the most popular supplements in bodybuilding. We found more negative posts on prohormones than we have on steroids and steroids are dangerous. These prohormones are created by chemists using compounds now listed on controlled substances lists in the United States. Even if the compounds are different, they could cause an athlete to fail a drug test. Prohormones will not increase metabolism or promote weight loss. They may actually cause water retention and weight gain. DMZ 13 should not be taken by dieters or bodybuilders with medical conditions.

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