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The DNA Diet is a weight loss plan developed by nutritionist Carolyn Katzin, who recently received huge media attention for using controversial practices to formulate a diet plan. Katzin bases this diet on her experience working in nutrigenomics, the science of creating a nutritionally-sound diet plan from the analysis of a person’s DNA. For years scientists analyzed DNA to determine a person’s susceptibility to certain diseases, and although applying this science to weight loss is highly controversial (due to the fact it has not been analyzed enough for safety and authenticity), Katzin assures dieters that her years of experience can trump any doubts, and that she is a pioneer in an exciting new field. On The DNA Diet’s official website, it states participants normally lost 15-35% of body fat by following her program.

Every DNA Diet plan is unique, unlike other diet plans, and as the name implies these individual plans are formulated around a person’s DNA. By replacing nutrients and deficiencies found through the DNA, Katzin claims this will lead to long term, effective weight loss. Dieters who want to begin this plan must purchase a DNA kit to submit a viable sample of the DNA; from there, nutritionists chose the right diet plan for their needs. The plan isn’t cheap, however — a DNA test kit normally costs $500 and the modified diet plan costs around $1200. Nutritionists and physicians are extremely skeptical of The DNA Diet, and these doubts aren’t completely unfounded.


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The DNA Diet is based on nutrigenomics, nutritional science manifested from a person’s DNA. Nutrigenomics originated with the recently completed Human Genome Project, which was conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy to use gene data to discover weaknesses and strengths in a person’s body. Eventually it evolved into the field of nutrigenomics, which is still heavily used by athletes today to discover nutritional deficiencies. However, using nutrigenomics to stimulate weight loss is a relatively new concept and is still considered a controversial practice. There is very little evidence backing up this approach’s weight loss potential, but Katzin emphasizes her findings are from her own research. There is no conclusive evidence proving DNA research will reveal how a person loses weight, so Katzin’s claims must be judged unfounded at this point.

There is very little information about the actual DNA diet, so it is impossible to decipher how effective the diet actually is. Katzin claims the diet includes healthy, all-natural food to supplement the user’s metabolism, however. It is impossible to decipher how this diet promotes weight loss, and if anything it comes across more like a new approach to healthy eating.

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  • It is based on nutrigenomics, which is used by athletes.
  • The diet is formulated based on science, not diet fads.
  • Each diet is personalized according to a person’s DNA profile.


  • This diet is extremely expensive and is not ideal for people looking for a short-term weight loss plan.
  • Using nutrigenomics in a weight loss realm is extremely controversial and may be unsafe.
  • Katzin claims she developed it out of her own research but does not provide any verifiable proof.
  • There is little information about the actual diet plans available, such as a sample plan.


The DNA Diet does sound promising, but the lack of information about the diet itself presents many questions about its viability. It is impossible to decipher if the plan features any healthy diet solutions, but it could be worth a look if you want a personalized approach to weight loss. If dieting has not worked for you in the past, you may wish to explore some of the other types of weight loss aids currently on the market.

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  • 1

    I’d like to know what laboratory does the DNA analysis, what genes in which chromosomes are studied, and lastly; since no gene therapy is offered, what does it do for me to know that I’m genetically predisposed to have a sweet tooth?

    Isn’t it rather obvious from the amount of candy I go through?


  • 2

    My sister took Carolyn’s DNA diet program and she liked it. She has done loads of others, sorry sis, and they did not work. I’m waiting on Carolyn’s wellness system, and I’m joining that! My sister lost 22 pounds with Carolyn and has lost another 10. Carolyn actually worked with my sister instead of just being given a menu and told don’t eat this or that. Gina, maybe it’s just having someone who knows what they are doing or Carolyn has created a plan based off of DNA results that actually works. I’m just know my sister is happy and that makes me happy. I hope that helps!


  • 3
    Gina McGrath

    What is your opinion to the DNA Diet as a general life style diet as opposed to a weight loss diet, also assuming that cost was not a factor? Thanks for your opinion.