Doctor’s Best Mangosteen Review

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You may or may not have heard of a line of products called Doctor’s Best. Essentially this line consists of several health supplements that are concocted from natural components. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a single supplement capsule to only contain one touted component, which is the key ingredient. This is how it works with Doctor’s Best Mangosteen. Like so many other dietary supplements, this product may assist with the user’s overall health and well being. You will currently find this supplement for sale on websites like for a discounted price of $18.39.

To keep things simple, Doctor’s Best Mangosteen capsules are intended to promote overall health, offer antioxidant benefits, and assist with cell damage prevention, which is commonly caused by free radicals. The key active ingredient found in this dietary supplement is Mangosteen (10 percent or 500mg), which is an extract from a tropical fruit that is found in Southeast Asia. This primary ingredient contains something called Xanthone Flavonoids (these are supposed to aid the user’s immune system). It does reveal on the official website that Doctor’s Best Mangosteen capsules can be taken with or without food. They are directed to be taken daily in doses of one or two.


Mangosteen, Modified cellulose (vegetarian capsule), cellulose, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide.

Product Features

Doctor’s Best Mangosteen is a dietary supplement that can be taken daily by women or men that desire assistance with immune health, free radical damage prevention, and healthy cell growth. At this time, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee offered with Doctor’s Best Mangosteen, however, there are no testimonials posted on the website from past/current users of this product. This product is described as vegetarian. Naturally this dietary supplement can be acquired with ease via the official website. No free trial samples are offered.

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  • Doctor’s Best Mangosteen may boost the immune system of some users.
  • There is a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee offered with this supplement.
  • All of the ingredients for this dietary supplement are disclosed on the website.


  • There is nothing mentioned on the official website regarding weight loss.
  • Unfortunately some users may experience allergic reactions to certain components in Doctor’s Best Mangosteen.
  • It doesn’t look like any kind of reviews or responses are posted from past/current users of this product.
  • This product will not assist with thermogenesis, which is commonly needed for healthy weight reduction.


After reviewing the official website for Doctor’s Best Mangosteen, it’s clear that this dietary supplement is more for general health maintenance than anything else. While this product may assist with immune health, free radical damage prevention, and healthy cell growth, it is not claimed to help at all with weight loss or fat reduction. There are no claims made about Doctor’s Best Mangosteen suppressing hunger to encourage a reduction in consumed calories, nor is the supplement touted as a thermogenic catalyst. In short, if your goal is to shed excess body fat, get rid of a few inches around your tummy or simply drop a few pounds, Doctor’s Best Mangosteen is likely not the right product for you.

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