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For some men and women it would be ideal to consume the foods they like, but without having to deal with the aftermath of it all. Naturally no one wants to battle the bulge every day of their life. This is where products like Doctor’s Diet Carb Block come into the picture. This supplement can be attained through websites like for $27.55 (the retail cost is $38.50 for 120 capsules). Universal Nutrition is the company that manufactures this weight reduction supplement. Like many other diet products, this capsule formula is taken daily with water.

The Point of supplements like Doctor’s Diet Carb Block is to potentially allow users to consume the foods they love, but without the consequences. It’s actually claimed that this product will prevent some of the sugars and carbohydrates from being absorbed into the body. This will naturally result in weight loss over time since the user’s body will not have to deal with burning off so many calories each day. To be more specific, Doctor’s Diet Carb Block is supposed to block up to 38 grams of carbohydrates and sugars from the food you eat. As opposed to being absorbed into the body, they are expelled through bowel movements. Doctor’s Diet Carb Block should be taken prior to each meal.


Magnesium 50mg, Phaseolin EX 750mg, Gymnemalin 100mg, ALA 25mg, Chromium picolinate 150mcg, Chromium Polynicotinate 50mcg, and Vanadium 100mcg.

Product Features

Doctor’s Diet Carb Block is an oral supplement that aims to help dieters with carbohydrate and sugar levels. Essentially these two components are restricted from being absorbed into the user’s body. This product utilizes primary ingredients like Phaseolin EX (an extract from white kidney beans), Gymnema Sylvestre (a hypoglycemic agent), Vanadium, and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Doctor’s Diet Carb Block is especially geared toward individuals that prefer to consume a great deal of carbohydrates such as breads, potatoes and sweets. There may be some side effects to this supplement, which are not mentioned/disclosed.

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  • All of the ingredients for Doctor’s Diet Carb Block are listed out where this supplement is sold.
  • Some individuals may prefer a product like this that allows them to potentially eat more carbohydrate-enriched foods.


  • There are no positive reviews or testimonials presented where this weight loss supplement is sold.
  • There could be some side effects to supplements like this that force foods through the digestive tract.
  • Doctor’s Diet Carb Block does not endeavor to assist with appetite suppression or thermogenesis.


Overall, Doctor’s Diet Carb Block comes across as a quick fix or unreliable solution to weight management. Although it does sound ideal being able to eat all the foods you like without having to grapple with weight gain, this may not be so feasible in the long run. Some of the dietary supplements that are claimed to help with carbohydrate blocking and/or sugar restriction within the body, additionally have side effects that can occur. Therefore it is definitely a good idea to learn more about these types of weight loss products from a licensed physician before taking any.

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