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Doctor’s Trust is a supplement company founded in 2000. The company claims to produce more than 2 billion supplements every month. All products sold by Doctor’s Trust are made in the United States of America. The Biotin offered by Doctor’s Trust comes in three varieties. They offer Super Biotin with 5000 mcg per capsule, Biotin supplements with 1000 mcg per tablet and Biotin with 600 mcg per capsule.


Biotin, Calcium Carbonate, Gelatin, Silica, and Vegetable Magnesium Stearate.

Product Features

Doctor’s Trust Biotin is offered in three levels. The largest amount of Biotin offered is the 5000 mcg capsule. According to the Doctor’s Trust website, Biotin helps the body to convert carbohydrates, proteins and fats into energy that can be used throughout the day. This B vitamin is present in some B-Complex supplements as well as many multi-vitamins. Biotin is a water soluble vitamin that the body cannot store. This means after taking the supplement, the body will use all of the Biotin it needs and then the rest will be passed through the urinary system.

There are no testimonials on the website in regards to using Biotin as a weight loss supplement. The information on the website never mentions using the supplement as a weight loss tool.

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  • Biotin helps to boost energy.
  • Doctor’s Trust customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • With the purchase of one bottle of Biotin, one free bottle is included.


  • Excess Biotin is passed through the urinary tract after digestion.
  • The body cannot store biotin.
  • There is no fat burner in the product.
  • There are no testimonials regarding weight loss.
  • There are no hunger suppressants in the supplement.


Biotin, like many B Vitamins, is often found in energy complexes. The fact that Biotin is not stored by the body renders the need for huge amounts of the supplement obsolete. There are no testimonials or references on the website about taking Biotin for increased weight loss. When choosing a weight loss supplement, it is often better to choose a trusted product that will help eliminate hunger pains and increase the body’s natural ability to burn fat. At this time we cannot support Doctor’s Trust Biotin as an effective weight loss supplement. There is nothing to prove this B vitamin is any more effective than any other brand name of Biotin. The recommended intake for Biotin each day for adults is 20 to 30 mcg. The average human diet includes 40 mcg of Biotin everyday without supplementation. A supplement of this magnitude will more than likely go unused by the body and simple pass through without utilization. Cases of Biotin deficiency where supplementation are needed are very rare.

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