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Puritan’s Pride is an herbal supplement line that offers all sorts of products suited for men and women. Although many of these supplements are not geared toward specific tasks such as fat loss, skin care or muscle building, many of them are claimed to promote overall health. One product that appears to no longer grace the official website is Doctor’s Trust Ultra Carb Plus. Doctor’s Trust is a division of Puritan’s Pride. Now, the essential goal of this supplement is to keep carbohydrates from turning into fat.

There are plenty of supplement formulas out there that pitch the spiel about blocking carbohydrates from ever entering the blood stream. Well, Doctor’s Trust Ultra Carb Plus is one of those supplements. This product can still be found on some websites for around $52 (180 capsules). It’s made from a blend of natural extracts. However, the key ingredients in focus are White Kidney Bean and Gymnema. Both of these are supposed to prevent consumed carbohydrates from converting to body fat. It is important to understand that a healthy meal plan and regular exercise are encouraged with this weight reduction supplement in order for it to be as effective as claimed. Although it is not mentioned, Doctor’s Trust Ultra Carb Plus probably should not be taken by women who are pregnant or nursing a child.


Not available on an official website.

Product Features

Doctor’s Trust Ultra Carb Plus is one of many dietary supplements that come in capsule form and endeavor to help with weight reduction. As claimed where this product is sold, unwanted body fat is lost due to the key ingredients White Kidney Bean and Gymnema, which aid with blocking carbohydrates from being turning into fat. There is an additional ingredient that is also mentioned for Doctor’s Trust Ultra Carb Plus supplements, which is Phaseolamin (this is a starch blocker). Unfortunately there are no success stories regarding weight loss provided for this dietary supplement, nor is there any kind of guarantee offered.

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  • Doctor’s Trust Ultra Carb Plus is suitable for both women and men that desire assistance with weight loss.
  • The major active ingredients found in this product are revealed where it is sold.


  • It does not look like Doctor’s Trust Ultra Carb Plus is still manufactured (does not show up on the official website).
  • All of the ingredients for this supplement formula are not presented online.
  • There are no before and after photos or success stories provided to really support the claims made about Doctor’s Trust Ultra Carb Plus and weight loss.
  • Free trial samples of this dietary supplement are unavailable.


In the end, most dieters frown upon a weight loss product that appears to no longer be in production. This unfortunately seems to be the case with Doctor’s Trust Ultra Carb Plus. While it is claimed that this supplement may assist with carbohydrate blocking and weight reduction, there is no clinical evidence provided to support this. Furthermore, the supplement sells for around $52, which is rather high in comparison to many other diet products.

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