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Dolisos is a homeopathic pharmaceutical company that was founded by Dr. Jean Tetau in 1935. Dr. Jean Tetau was a pharmacist who concentrated on homeopathy medicines. Dolisos is currently based in Canada. There are a line of products which can be purchased online through third party retailers. Dolisos can also be found in brick and mortar retail stores. The homeopathic remedies from Dolisos range from weight loss aids to self tanning pills. The information available on each of these products is very limited and the research behind them is not clearly stated.


Each of the products from Dolisos has a different group of ingredients. One example of ingredients for the weight loss product includes: (HPUS) Anacardium orientale, Antimonium crudum, Calcarea carbonia, Graphites, Iodium and Nux vomica.

Product Features

Dolisos is a homeopathic pharmaceutical company who manufactures and distributes products from their main plant in Canada. This company was founded by Dr. Jean Tetau in 1935. The growth of this company has flourished in the last decade as it became part of a large laboratory company and was able to advance their products and research behind these products. The products created by Dolisos seem to be a bit out there for the average consumer. An example of their products includes a supplement to enhance tanning. This seems unneeded and strange to some but all products are geared towards a particular clientele. Dolisos does have more conventional products as well such as their weight control product. They have prided their company on the practice of providing well researched products to the consumer. There is a problem with this theory since Dolisos did not have an operational website at the time of this review, there is not access to the research to back the claims of their products. The information provided on their party retail sites also does not provide the needed information to allow consumers to make well informed decisions about their products. An ingredients list was found for their weight control product. It is not clear which of the ingredients listed is a proven ingredient to aid in weight loss. These ingredients did not seem to sever any means of weight control or weight loss. The cost of the Dolisos products are extremely affordable but may not be effective for the purposes they claim. It is well known to those who have struggled with weight loss and who have tried a number of products, that a proven appetite suppressant and a fat burner are required for successful weight loss with a supplement. There are natural and homeopathic ingredients that could be used but are not included in the Dolisos line of products.

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  • Dolisos is a homeopathic lab company who creates and distributes a number of supplements.
  • Dolisos has been around for nearly a century.


  • There does not appear to be a dedicated website for Dolisos.
  • The ingredients used in the Dolisos weight loss product does not appear to have any active fat burner or appetite suppressant.


Dolisos is a homeopathic lab company which has been around since 1935 when it was founded by Dr. Jean Tetau. It does not appear to currently have a dedicated website to provide consumers with vital information about their products. Alternative products are available that have proven ingredients and dedicated websites which provided the needed information to consumers.

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