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Don Barnhart is a comedian, which is the last person we would expect to release a weight loss program, but he is also a certified hypnotherapist. The Don Barnhart weight loss program is a hypnotherapy CD designed for dieters who feel they have tried everything to lose weight, but have not been successful in those attempts. That is the same claim made by just about every supplement manufacturer selling the latest, greatest weight loss supplement. Hypnosis may have a place in some diet programs, but it will not work for everyone and it certainly won’t work well via CD interaction.

List of Ingredients


  • Weight loss hypnosis DVD.

Product Features

Barnhart is not your average weight loss guru – he is a comedian. He travels the word performing at various venues. Hypnosis is a part of some stage programs, but we did not see mention of weight loss clinics or personal hypnosis programs. If the dieter wants to lose weight using the Don Barnhart weight loss program they have to order the audio CD and listen to the hypnotherapist talk them into a new body and life. In order for hypnotherapy to work listeners have to be willing to accept the program and believe in hypnotherapy as a science/art. Programs are typically practiced in person or via DVD, not CD.

There are five benefits to the Don Barnhart weight loss program listed on the website – lose weight, look fit, improve energy, increase motivation forever and reduce health risk. There is no guarantee any of these benefits will result from listening to the CD, especially reduced health risk. If you have health problems associated with your weight you should seek medical attention before turning to hypnotherapy.

There is one quote or testimonial listed below the weight loss CD offer claiming a dieter lost 35 pounds using the Don Barnhart weight loss system, but we did not find before and after photos of dieters who’ve used the program. The program retails for $24.95.

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  • May help dieters lose weight.
  • May improve self esteem and self control.
  • Costs less than a weight loss supplement and can be used multiple times.


  • Will not help all dieters lose weight.
  • No before and after testimonials.


Don Barnhart weight loss hypnosis is not the answer for the majority of dieters. Eating less, moving more and taking a safe weight loss supplement with clinically supported ingredients is going to be more effective than a hypnotherapy CD.

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