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Donald L. Barlette and James B. Steele are investigating reporters who have collaborated together since their very first article together in 1971 for the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1971. The pair has taken on the issues that plague the American lifestyle and attack it head on in their articles and books. Donald L. Barlette and James b. Steele have won two Pulitzer Prize awards for their investigating reports in the newspaper world and also won two National Magazine Awards for their journalism in Magazines such as Time and now they are paired together as editors for Vanity Fair.


The investigating reporting of Donald L. Barlette and James B. Steele requires lots of time and dedication to uncovering the truth and creating solutions for the American people.

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Donald L. Barlette and James B. Steele have authored a number of award winning articles for Newspapers and Magazines during their thirty five years of working together. During this time they have also published a number of books with detailed research laying out the problems that plague the American Lifestyle. They not only call the problems out to the attention of readers but also provide valid solutions for these problems. They are well known for taking on institutions for the America population and defending our rights as citizens. The latest of their powerful and well written books is Critical Condition: How Health Care in America Became Big Business – and Bad Medicine. This well written book written in 2004 outlined where the health care systems in America failed the population and created gaps for care to many individuals. Their solutions, which they published in 2004 well before the Health Care Debt or President Obama, called for many of the solutions the federal government has just recently advised. Donald L. Barlette and James B. Steel are years ahead of the think tanks and political groups claiming to have the best interest of Americans. Barlette and Steele have gained the attention of the American people and continue to work to create a better America through the written word.

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  • The work of Donald L. Barlette and James b. Steele have paved the way to improved health care for all Americans.


  • Donald L. Barlette and James B. Steele have not published any work geared toward the weight loss field.


Donald L. Barlette and James B. Steele have dedicated their careers as writers to the improvement of the American Lifestyle. They have investigated and gone up against the corporate leaders and even the Federal Government. Consumers looking to improve their health should look for an improvement soon to come the Health Care system, but can also start on their own by losing weight. Those who need to lose more than just a few pounds should find a weight loss supplement with a proven fat burner and a proven appetite suppressant to enhance a healthy diet and exercise program.

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