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Dr. Kal’s Don’t Go Broke Diet claims to be a way for you to eat healthy and lose weight, without having to drain out every last dime of your bank account. It was created by a medical doctor, and is a series of six ebooks you can download and read from your computer. He wrote the ebooks to help people who have weight issues realize they can lose weight without going broke, and good food does not have to be expensive food. The books are meant to be read in sequential order to help prepare people for the undertaking. Dr. Kalvin Chinyere was overweight as a child, and was once considered morbidly obese. Could this be the weight loss solution you’ve been looking for? Read this review to see what we think.

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The Don’t Go Broke Diet is a free series of ebooks. There are six books you read in order from one to six. The information in these ebooks is supposed to not only show you how to lose weight without going broke, but to also prepare you for the journey, both mentally, physically, and emotionally. The six books are: The Don’t Go Broke Weight Loss Primer, which shows you behavior modification; The Don’t Go Broke Nutrition Plan, which shows you what to eat and what to avoid, and how to do it on the cheap; The Don’t Go Broke Activity Plan, which shows you how to burn more calories; The Don’t Go Broke Guide to Grocery Shopping, which shows you how to save money on food; the Don’t Go Broke Guide to Healthy Foods and the Don’t Go Broke Healthy Recipes ebook.

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  • The Don’t Go Broke Diet costs nothing.
  • The program was developed by a medical doctor, who was previously overweight.


  • The Don’t Go Broke Diet is no longer available for download from his website.
  • This diet plan is not customized.
  • This requires you to have access to a computer.


The Don’t Go Broke Diet could provide good information for people to use, if it were still available. When we tried to secure the product, we were notified the mailing list was still there, but was not active. It looks as though the website has not been maintained in quite some time. If you are looking for a way to lose weight, you are going to have to do more than read six ebooks. You are going to have to actually follow a balanced diet for as long as it takes to see results, and you are going to have to exercise on a regular basis to see real results. If you don’t want rebound weight gain, you are going to have to make lifestyle changes, rather than temporary ones for the sake of the diet. For better results compared to diet and exercise alone, add a clinically proven appetite suppressant or fat burner to your daily regimen.

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