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Dopamite Review - Does This Fat Burning System Work? Are lack of results and negative side effects deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0
Dopamite Review

Dopamite is a fat burning supplement that has generated a lot of interest in the weightlifting and diet industries, so we decided to try it out for ourselves. We put it to the test with one of our in-depth reviews and looked at the ingredients, side effects, effectiveness, clinical studies, and the company behind this fat burner. We also read reviews from users that have tried Dopamite and compiled everything we found here to provide you with the information you need to make your own choice on this weight loss supplement.

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What You Need to Know

Dopamite is a fat burning supplement that claims to help suppress appetite and to help dieters lose weight by minimizing caloric intake and increasing fat loss. Dopamite comes in capsule form, which means you can take it anywhere. It contains caffeine, folic acid, vitamin B12, copper, leaf and seed extracts, and various filler ingredients.
The company behind Dopamite, MHP, has been around since 1998, and they have a wide variety of weight loss supplements and products that are geared to help you get to your ideal weight and fitness level. It’s readily available online, and it’s quite affordable at just under $1 per capsule. We like that MHP has a good history and seems to have some good products; there are some positive reviews online, and they have an easy to access website, but read on…

Lack of Results–“Minimal Weight Loss”

Our first concern with any product is how well it works. It doesn’t matter how affordable a product is, how easy it is to purchase, or how good the supposed ingredients are if the product itself doesn’t help you lose weight. “Dopamite has some good ingredients, but without an appetite suppressant, it can make it difficult to lose weight,” said our research editor. Many users complained that not only did Dopamite have very little effect on their appetite, but it also left them feeling sick to their stomach if it wasn’t taken on a full stomach, leading dieters to eat even more than they are used to.
“I couldn’t take this on an empty stomach without getting sick, so I ended up eating more with Dopamite,” said one user.
“Some people see results with this, but I still had my appetite and didn’t lose a single pound,” said another.

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Negative Side Effects–Health Concerns

Another issue that seemed to be a recurring theme in online reviews was the negative side effects that users experienced with Dopamite. Those that took it on an empty stomach experienced nausea, upset stomach, and even depressed moods, while others complained about headaches, jitters, and heart flutters from the caffeine and other stimulants.
“I had constant stomach pain with this product,” said one review. Many customers agreed that there were uncomfortable side effects with this product: “I experienced jitters and headaches from the caffeine and had to stop taking these” Some people started slow and then increased to two capsules per day, which is the recommended dosage; they had success with that, so we recommend that you start with the minimum dosage and work your way up to the recommended dosage when you feel comfortable.
Our researchers have shown that if a weight loss program or diet supplement that has especially troublesome elements (painful workout, negative side effects, bad taste, high cost, etc.), then the likelihood of sustained weight loss is slim. If Dopamite really does cause these negative side effects, it may be difficult for people to lose weight and keep it off with this product.
If you are convinced to try these pills, most experts recommend that you start slow and make sure that your body can handle these before you increase the dosage. We also recommend that you consult your doctor prior to starting with Dopamite.

The Science

MHP claims that this product will suppress your appetite and lead to astounding weight loss, but the claims are hollow and aren’t backed up by any published data or studies. There are some good ingredients that are proven to help stimulate or burn fat, but none of the ingredients are linked to appetite suppression. We also haven’t seen any studies showing that Dopamite is more effective than diet and exercise alone, and at DietSpotlight, we value scientific research and tend to be skeptical when it isn’t there. Without the research and studies backing up their claims, it’s difficult to trust what MHP is saying about Dopamite, especially when many reviewers have seen minimal weight loss.

The Bottom Line

There was a lot of initial optimism about Dopamite. We were excited about the affordability and the longevity of the company behind Dopamite, but we can’t recommend this product as a weight loss solution because the claims aren’t backed by clinical studies and unbiased research. We’re also concerned about the side effects that many users saw while taking this product as well as the lack of results without a proven appetite suppressant.
If you’d like to drop those last few pounds, we recommend you find a product that offers proven weight backed up by science but that doesn’t bog you down with negative side effects. To find an effective weight loss supplement, look for products that have multiple ingredients that are supported by scientific research.
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How Does Dopamite Compare?

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What You Should Know

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If you are thinking about investing in a dietary supplement to help you shed some unwanted pounds, be sure to check into customer reviews and feedback before making a purchase. This can help you get a better understanding of the product, and how well it actually works, or does not. We created this review to fill you in on Dopamite, which is a tablet formula sold through online stores and local supplement shops. It is made by MPH, and sells for a list price of $39.99 per bottle. Dopamite is an over-the-counter pill like Finaflex PX and Easy 100. However, you can find this supplement for as low as $29.99 online. Ingredients:
  • folate(as folic acid)
  • vitamin b12(as cyancobalamin)
  • copper(as copper glucomate)
  • n-acetyl l-tyrosine
  • dl-phenylalanine
  • caffeine
  • llex paraguariensis leaf extract
  • muncuna pruriens seed extract
  • 5-hydroxytrytophan (from griffoniasimplicifolia seed extract)
  • theobromine
  • vinpocetine
  • calcium carbonate
  • microcrystalline cellulose
  • stearic acid
  • croscarmellose sodium
  • crospovidone
  • sodium starch glycolate
  • hypromellose
  • magnesium stearate
  • silica
  • hydroxypropyl cellulose
  • titanium dioxide
  • polyethylene glycol
  • yellow 5 lake and yello 6 lake

Product Features

Dopamite is advertised as a fat-burning catalyst. It features “Explotech” fast release technology to take effect quickly. This supplement is taken once daily, which is one tablet. However, as you get used to this formula, you can begin to take a two-tablet dose. Dopamite is claimed to support healthy dopamine levels, which in turn helps boost energy, increase motivation, encourage a feeling of well-being, and help you burn off fat. Some ingredients found in Dopamite tablets are 5-hydroxytrytophan, vitamin b1, folic acid, n-acetyl l-tyrosine, copper, dl-phenylalanine, caffeine, vinpocetine, theobromine, muncuna pruriens seed extract, and llex paraguariensis leaf extract. Together these substances assist by increasing dopamine levels. A few of these ingredients are also in NV Diet Pills. On a side note, it is encouraged to take Dopamite in the morning or early part of the day, since it does contain caffeine.

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  • You only need to take one Dopamite tablet per day.
  • This supplement may help increase motivation and provide a feeling of well-being.


  • Proven appetite suppressants are not found in this diet product.
  • There is no clinical proof that Dopamite aids with weight loss.
  • You need to see a doctor before taking this weight loss supplement.
  • Customer reviews and success stories were not found for this diet pill.


Clearly Dopamite is an interesting product to consider. Unlike many weight loss supplements available today, this formula actually addresses dopamine levels like Fastin and Crave Arrest claim to. Therefore it may help improve your mood and help you feel more motivated. While this is wonderful, it is uncertain whether or not Dopamite will actually aid with fat loss. After all, there is no clinical evidence that this supplement really works. Also, there were no success stories or customer testimonials found to support the claims made about this diet formula.

2 User Reviews About Dopamite

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  • 1

    didn’t work. made me feel depressed and jittery .


  • 2

    I don’t see how this can be effective. If it were, it would be used for Parkinson’s. Also, I don’t see how it addresses the issue of brain dopamine. The rate limiting step in dopamine synthesis is the enzyme tyrosine hydroxylase. So, providing more tyrosine is ineffective in raising brain dopamine levels. One needs to bypass this step, and get to the DOPA intermediate or beyond. This product will not accomplish that. I think it’s a scam.


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