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Dorian Yates is one of the most prolific bodybuilders in the history of the sport. He has won the Mr. Olympia competition multiple times and he now offers a line of supplements designed for hardcore bodybuilders like him. Dorian Yates Black Bombs are extremely strong and no dieter should take this supplement unless they are CERTAIN they are not sensitive to stimulants. Dorian Yates warns the reader on more than one occasion about the possible side effects of taking this supplement if they are not used to taking strong stimulants.

We looked through the official website for Dorian Yates Nutrition and we did not find an ingredient list. After doing a bit more searching, we were able to find a list of ingredients on a UK website.

List of Ingredients


  • Yerba Mate Extract
  • Acacia Rigidula Extract
  • R-Beta-Methylphenylethyamine
  • B-Phenylethylamine
  • N-Methyl-B-Phenylethylamine
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Citrus Aurantium Extract
  • Theobroma Cocoa Extract
  • Xantheose
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Geranium
  • Cassia Nomame Extract
  • Dimethylxanthine
  • 5-Methoxytryplamine HCL
  • Grapefruit Extract

Product Features

Taking a look at the ingredient list for Dorian Yates Black Bombs, you may not think the supplement is any different from other fat burners sold in the US, but you would be wrong. The ingredient list does not include total amounts of each ingredient, but there is a total dose of 7,000mg. That means the bodybuilder takes about 7 grams of fat burning, metabolism-boosting, heart rate increasing ingredients per dose. That is a huge amount of stimulants.

The ingredient list is pretty solid aside from the massive dosing. The only ingredients that should be considered dangerous, even at smaller doses, are the geranium and the variations of phenylethylamine. Geranium is associated with increased risk of heart palpitations and phenylethylamine may cause hallucinations and other side effects commonly associated with street drugs.

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  • Ingredients are listed online – though not on the Dorian Yates website.
  • Will increase heart rate and metabolism.


  • May cause serious negative side effects.
  • May cause the dieter to feel nervous, shaky and nauseous.
  • May cause a spike in blood pressure that could lead to hospitalization.


Dieters should stay extremely far away from Dorian Yates Black Bombs just like the official website claims. This supplement is created for men and women in the bodybuilding industry who have taken high doses of fat burners for so long that taking 7,000mg of a stimulant supplement is considered safe. The average dieter could be faced with side effects so bad they need medical attention after taking this supplement.

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  • 1

    Black Bombs are brilliant
    Started with the pills absolutely blew my socks of after second dose lost 9lb over 3 weeks with a semi clean diet blood pressure can be effected bout you can counteract this with certain foods
    It’s now my second time round I’ve gone for the powder form this time black cherry exactly the same effect an results only downside to powder is gave me the squirts lol


  • 2
    Nicole Taylor

    Where I can order it


  • 3

    What a waste, took 1 tab before lunch no effect, next morning 2 tabs before brekkie, nothing noticeable other than not feeling drowsy . Don’t buy in to the hype.
    Only recommended usage can be for those u use no-doz pills for night shifts


  • 4

    Took two of these today as recommended on the bottle, the first one before breakfast kicked in half hour later and had an immense wake up from it, the second before lunch had rocked my socks! Wow! What a feel, I thought I was going mad, got me going in the gym and sweating my tits off! Very potent! Becareful


  • 5

    Was recommended these by a nutrition shop to help lose weight and have more energy at the gym. Toke a 1/2 dose this morning and wont be having it again. I was dizzy, had a stomach ache, chest pain and shaking. I toke it 30mins before gym at 5.30am and didnt feel alright until about 2pm. My husband toke it aswell and ended up vomitting at the gym which he has never done before.


  • 6

    Just got my first tub of BB. Taking only 1/2 servings at the supplement store guys advice. I find it gives me good energy and I definitely heat up more from taking it. It seems to give good results. But it also gives me massive mood swings. I feel really depressed on days I have taken it. Will not be using it anymore, but a good product for other people I think


  • 7

    So far I find it fantastic, used this every day for a week. Will it give a positive reading in drug tests?
    what is the likelihood of it metabolising to give a positive reading?


  • 8

    I find the product is fantastic as a stimulant and mood elevator. I took a shot this morning, it’s a massive energy hit and have straightened up the house from top to bottom – done the washing, vacuuming, gardening, car, paid my bills, had a shower and still feel a million dollars. No negative swing in it. I am 55, have been prone to depression and no longer drink alcohol which fixed the depression up and find one of these every now and then works a treat. There is no crash with it. It’s sustained and smooth.


  • 9

    hi. iam 53 just started bb feel shakey but nothing else, am starting gym today, i am 3 st over weight but fit, are they bad for me thanks juls


  • 10

    Not tried the BB. Was looking at this, but I believe my current eating habits are allowing me to lose approximately 1lb per week. I only have 6lb to go before reaching the target weight I need to achieve the definition required. I am going to wait for more reviews before I take anything like this.


  • 11

    Been for 3Weeks now I take with creatine I need 45min before gym time and I’m 52yrs old no side effects they work well for me form gr8 guns


  • 12
    Mike f

    Just started my first tub of black bombs just up the intake to 4 a day holy s;£&t they are strong my advise would be to up it in halfs to ease the effects only in my 5th day today so will report any lose of weight as it happens (hopefully),


    Mike F

    Been on the black bombs for just over two weeks apart from feeling like crap sick and dizzy I have not lost a pound so far and, my diet is as clean as can be so not sure what’s going on, I feel like I have no energy and just feel tied all the time so I have had no benifits at all got 7 days left but don’t think it’s going to do anything for me, so far waste of money


  • 13
    Andy g

    Black bombs are gold. Lost heaps. Like the label says, don’t take it if ur a sensitive princess.


  • 14
    Kerri Warden

    This product was recommended to me by someone in my retail nutrition store. However after reading this I’m a bit wary as I am not a body builder I am simply trying to loose weight, tone up and get fit. I have used supplements in the past (oxyElite) powder which is no longer allowed to be sold in Australia which is why I was looking for a different product. I work out with a trainer 4 times a week as well as playing netball but I am still concerned if this product is right for me??



    do not take this, its not for average people…



    hi i have been to see a consultant and have been told not to take if your not going to do hard exercise, they increase your heart rate to 3 times its natural rythum, best way to lose weight is to exercise, to eat little and often and get your heart rate naturally working by going to the gym,


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