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Dorian Yates is a six time Mr. Olympia winner and considered to have revolutionized bodybuilding with his unique dieting and exercise program, which promoted optimum muscle mass and low body fat, winning him numerous awards and respect in the bodybuilding community. Although he retired in the late 1990s, Dorian Yates is still popular with bodybuilders due to his unique virtual training and video programs, which he offers through his official website. He offers personalized training to men who want to optimize their muscle gain and eliminate as much fat as possible in hopes of gaining the same physique of Mr. Olympia himself. He also offers personalized diet plans said to be created by him that claims to speed up fat loss. These do come at a hefty price; however, a private consultation with Yates costs about $200, which can be redeemed through his official website. Videos cost significantly less, but still cost more than typical fitness programs.

For men who want to lose weight and gain muscle mass, bodybuilders are the peak of what they strive to be, and having personal consultations with Mr. Olympia winners may interest their needs. Yates may not offer a realistic or complete diet plan for normal dieters who simply want to lose a few pounds, however.


Dorian Yates offers personal consultations and personally created diet plans through his website.

Product Features

Dorian Yates offers personal consultations for male dieters who want to full maximize their weight loss while promoting muscle mass, or so Yates claims. Consultations cost as much as $200 and Yates personally reviews the dieter’s fitness, diet, and weight levels and offers advice about how to maximize a person’s weight loss. It is clear his fitness and diet plans are designed mainly for bodybuilding, not simply for weight loss, and may not be idea for everybody. Furthermore, personal fitness programs and diet plans created by Yates are offered for additional fees, and may become too costly for the average dieter.

If bodybuilding is one’s goal in the dieting process, referencing his website may be a start to gaining more insight on the bodybuilding process. For complete dieting support, however, there are other cheaper alternatives.

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  • Personal advice is offered by Dorian Yates, who himself is a pioneer in the bodybuilding community.
  • Consultations and fitness programs may be purchased online through his website.


  • Sessions costs $200, and additional support costs additional money.
  • Appears to offer advice geared towards bodybuilding, not dieting.
  • Offers mostly online support, whereas other programs offer both online and personal support.


There is no question that Dorian Yates is considered a revolutionary figure in the bodybuilding community, but it appears he only offers personalized bodybuilding support to dieters, and may not be appropriate for everybody. For male bodybuilders seeking help for their bodybuilding goals, however, Yates may offer helpful online support.

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    sir,i want to become a pro bodybuilder so i want to take personal training under u so can u send me ur fees structure