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Dosho Design Fitness Equipment was founded by the inventor of the Bowflex, T. Dosho Shifferaw. Shifferaw invented the Bowflex in 1984 as a student project when studying industrial design. Bowflex became a publicly traded company and later became a part of the Nautilus Group, accounting for 85% of their sales. Dosho Design has a goal of developing products that make working out fun and easy so that you will actually want to work out and not end up with a piece of equipment sitting in the corner collecting dust. Dosho Shifferaw is quoted on his website as saying, “For over 25 years I’ve developed fitness equipment with three objectives in mind; helping people get into maximum shape for minimal time and money.” Dosho Design markets their products through television commercials and retail chains worldwide. They offer a variety of products that can be used in health and fitness clubs as well as in the home. The goals of these products are to provide aerobic and stretching exercises, strength training, toning of the muscles and also personal conditioning. Dosho Design stands behind their products completely and therefore offers an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. Returns are accepted in original packaging for damage due to normal wear and tear. If the damage is caused by misuse or long term wear and tear, returns will not be accepted.


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Product Features

Dosho Design’s mission is, “to create versatile home fitness equipment to get you in shape”. The following products are available from Dosho Design: Dosho Gym 5000 ($499.00 and free shipping to the United States). This product can be used by individuals at any level of fitness whether you are just starting to work out or have been doing so for years. It works the arms, shoulders, back, lats, chest, hamstrings, calves, glutes, quads, abs and obliques. Adjustable Dosho Bells ($250.00). These are equivalent to using nine dumbbells. Dosho Bell Add-On Weights ($79.00). These will increase your 45 lb. Dosho Bell into a 70 lb. Dosho Bell. Dosho Bench ($349.00). With all of its features this will give you a safe workout. Jam Gym ($29.99). This is a portable gym designed to be used anywhere. Windjector Pro ($39.99). This is a core strengthening, no impact workout.

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  • Dosho Design Fitness Equipment offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products.
  • Dosho Design was founded by the inventor of the Bowflex which is known worldwide.


  • Dosho Design Fitness Equipment can be quite costly and not affordable to some individuals.


Dosho Design Fitness Equipment offers for sale a variety of products to meet your workout needs. There are home gyms as well as portable gyms and even equipment designed to provide a no impact workout. The founder, Dosho Shifferaw, also invented Bowflex. Dosho’s products have proven effectiveness however they are costly and may not be affordable to everyone. The products are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.

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