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dotFIT is a program that combines diet plans, supplement plans and exercise plans to provide you with a personalized overall plan to lose weight and get healthy. Neal Spruce is the founder and CEO of dotFIT. Diet plans are designed to meet your individual needs and are personalized accordingly. Your current lifestyle, food preferences and fitness objectives are taken into consideration when creating your diet plan. There is a food logging system in which you record what you eat and also many recipes and meal ideas are available to help you meet your goals. Supplement plans are designed to provide you with the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you need in your body on a daily basis to function well. Supplements are available to help with weight loss, overall health and adding muscle. Exercise plans are designed to help you lose weight, build muscle, get lean, relieve body pain or improve on athletic performance. Because everybody is different, exercise plans are specifically tailored to meet each individual’s needs. In order to sign up for dotFIT, you must pay a registration fee of $39.95 and then $9.95 each month thereafter. Another option is paying $299.95 for a 12 month subscription; this includes the exerspy armband. The exerspy armband is device that you wear on your arm and tracks calories and activity. Both options include a coaching session.


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Product Features

dotFIT will give you a customized program to provide you with nutrition assistance and a fitness regime. You will be assisted by a personal trainer who has been certified in the areas of fitness and weight loss. Once you join dotFIT, you will have access to various tools online to help you reach your goals such as menus, exercises, recipes and resources. The main principle behind dotFIT is that you must burn more calories than you consume in order to lose weight.

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  • dotFIT offers personalized diet and exercise plans to meet your individual needs.
  • You will receive a personalized coaching session to help you define your goals when you join dotFIT.


  • dotFIT does not offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


dotFIT appears to be a reasonable way to accomplish weight loss goals and increase overall health. A coaching session is offered when you sign up to determine your goals and give you an outline of diet and fitness plans that you will need to follow in order to meet those goals. Various items such as supplements, food bars, etc. are offered for sale to help you with your weight loss and health goals. dotFIT involves changing your lifestyle and tracking information in regard to exercise and food consumed in order to lose weight. If you are not ready for such a commitment you may find better results with taking a diet or weight loss supplement in conjunction with a healthy diet that you maintain on your own.

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    very misleading shipping policy, when you order from them their emails state same day shipping on order placed before 5:45 pacific time on Weekdays. Placed an order with them and it took two days for them to ship with UPS ground, not the same day as advertised.


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