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Douglas Laboratories manufactures nutrition supplements to be used for a variety of needs. The company is based on Pittsburg, Pennsylvania but has other locations in Canada, Spain, Europe, Turkey and Japan. Sam Lioon founded Douglas Laboratories in 1955 with the following goal: to “provide the highest quality nutritional supplements available with the highest level or personal service – anywhere.” His sons; L. Douglas Lioon, Chief Executive Officer and Jeffery D. Lioon, President; now run the company. Douglas Laboratories has now become a part of internationally known Atrium Biotechnologies, a group of various companies that manufacture diet supplements and market them worldwide. 300 qualified and dedicated individuals are employed by Douglas Laboratories and help them to provide customized formulas that can’t be found elsewhere. Two of their products have been rated number one in their respective categories; Ultra-Preventive X (Ten) #1 multivitamin and Vita-Big-Kids #1 children’s multivitamin.


The Douglas Laboratories website offers an extensive list of their products. Upon searching for the product you desire by category or alphabetical means you may then click on a link to view the label which lists the ingredients. This option appears to be available for every product they offer. Douglas Laboratories offers products in the following categories: Neurological; Dr. Specialty Formulas; Multiple Vitamins and Minerals; Co-Q-10 Formulas; Joint, Muscle, Disc Formulas; Enzyme Formulas; Probiotic Formulas; Antioxidant Formulas; Special Formulas; Vitamins A, B, C, D & E; Mineral Formulas, Fatty Acids and Natural Lipids; Amino Acid Formulas; Herbs; Frozen Liquid Extracts; Convenience Packs and Books.

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Douglas Laboratories has 50 years of experience in the field of nutrition supplements. Products are manufactured based on science to provide the highest quality formulas and adhere strictly to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Only health professionals can order products from Douglas Laboratories to offer to their patients. The following products are new and now available: Ultra Preventive X – New Formula, Omega Soft DHA, Omega Soft EPA, Vitamin D-3 5000 IU, Chia/Echium Vegetarian, Omega-3, Vegetarian Liquid, Omega-3 Swirl, Liquid Multivitamin, Adreno-Mend, PQQ Plus, L-Tryptophan, Wobenzym PS and InfaSkin Probiotic. If you are interested in any of these or other products offered by Douglas Laboratories you must first contact your physician.

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  • Douglas Laboratories is known internationally for providing quality products.
  • The Company has an open door policy of allowing tours and meeting with the President and CEO.


  • Douglas Laboratories products are only available to physicians and health professionals so you cannot purchase them without first seeing someone who can prescribe them for you.
  • There is no money back guarantee offered.


Douglas Laboratories offers quality products to health care professionals for patients. A variety of supplements are available to meet almost any individual’s needs. Dietary supplements are offered but as they are only available to health care professionals you cannot order them directly. If you have health insurance there may be the possibility of seeing a physician and requesting a specific product but if you do not or simply do not want to visit a doctor to request a product another diet or weight loss supplement may be a better fit for you.

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    Their products can now be ordered on and So they can be purchased by anyone online.


  • 2

    i am from the philippines, how can i purchase products in douglas laboratories?


  • 3
    Gracita Tormo

    I am a resident here in the philippines, i would like to know, how can i purchase products in douglas laboratories?

    hope to hear from you soonest as possible.
    Thank you.


  • 4
    Hedwig Rose

    For ten years I have been using Douglas or Pure products as advised by and ordered for me by Howard Friel. He seems to have disappeared and is no longer responding to email or p[hone calls. I am a former cancer patient and have done well with his suggestionsd but am now for 6 months already without the supplemets he had ordered and it a)seems that I need a health professional to order, and b)I cannot find the Hi-do-Vitamins 1 and 2 in your listings. Please advise….


  • 5
    Mike Sanchez

    How does Douglas product compares to Solgar


    Your Name

    It’s worse


  • 6
    Valerica COSTIN

    Does Douglas Laboratories produce (manufacture) the Eye Max plus pils?