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Downsize Fitness is fitness club unlike any on the market. Traditional fitness clubs allow individuals to train at their own pace, whereas Downsize Fitness takes The Biggest Loser approach to fitness. Individuals must be a minimum of 50 pounds overweight. The fitness plans and diet plans are designed by certified trainers who specialize with overweight clients. The fitness club is currently located in Dallas and Chicago with plans to expand in the near future.

List of Ingredients


  • Fitness club tailored to obese individuals.

Product Features

Downsize Fitness is a health club tailored to obese individuals. The fitness plans are patterned after The Biggest Loser and focus on resistance training, cardiovascular training and balance/flexibility training. In order to join Downsize Fitness, you must be a minimum of 50 overweight. In the event you lose a significant amount of weight, you have the opportunity to remain a member.

A key component missing from the website is the pricing. Dieters have the ability to sign up for a free consultation, but no pricing is available. Based upon the training and components of the program, we feel as if the target group would be willing to pay the extra amount.

As of 2013, Downsize Fitness is only in two locations, Chicago and Dallas. When the company branches out into additional locations, we will notice even more success stories. We like the success stories featured on the website. The stories are real people who changed their lives, not individuals who took a pill and magically lost weight.

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  • The health club is tailored to obese individuals.
  • Upon losing weight, individuals remain members.
  • Downsize Fitness features certified trainers.
  • There is information relating to success stories.
  • The fitness routines model The Biggest Loser.
  • The fitness routines are tailored to all fitness levels.
  • Downsize Fitness addresses diet.
  • Downsize Fitness offers a $25,000 weight loss challenge.


  • There is no information relating to pricing.
  • There are only two locations.


We like the concept of Downsize Fitness. Obese individuals are scrutinized for their size and tend to shy away from traditional fitness clubs. When dieters see like-minded individuals seeking the same results from diet and exercise, they are more likely to continue the process. Downsize Fitness models The Biggest Loser and we have seen countless individuals succeed during the airing of the show. The downside of Downsize Fitness is there are only two locations and there is no information relating to the price of membership. We feel as if Downsize Fitness caters to a large portion of the community looking to transform their health and wellbeing.

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