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The Dr. Abravanel’s Body Type is a book providing information about weight loss based upon the body type of the reader. The book aims to teach the reader how to identify their own body type and eat based upon that type for weight loss. There is a three step weight loss plan and exercise programs. The book can be purchased used or new from several online retailers.


Book, Three Step Program and Exercise Program

Product Features

The Dr. Abravanel’s Body Type book offers instruction on how to type the body. In order to take part in the diet program, the body type will need to be chosen carefully. Based upon the different body types, the diet guidelines will change.

The book does not offer scientific proof that the diet works. There is no support listed at all in the book aside from some reference to another book called Food is Your Best Medicine. This lack of scientific proof can be disheartening for the dieter.

While there is no official website for the Dr. Abravanel’s Body Type book, there are several testimonial reviews and product websites available from which to draw information about the product. Some of the user testimonials state that the body typing is a difficult task. Users claimed they often fell into two different body type categories and thus were confused as to which set of instructions to follow.

One website was found that listed specific testimonials on the Dr. Abravanel’s Body Type program. The testimonials included before and after photos, a body type checklist, a body type chat room and FAQs. There is also a Contact Us button listed on the website which leads us to believe this may be the official website for the Dr. Abravanel’s Body Type book, but that is not stated anywhere on the website. However, the Contact Us button did not link to any information.

While there is very little information on the Body Type diet listed on any website, the FAQs section offers a bit of information into how the diet works. There are Body Type teas and Body Type soups based on the final body type the user falls into. There is no reference to whether these are purchased or if ingredient listings are given in the book.

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  • The Dr. Abravanel’s Body Type book is inexpensive.


  • The website offers little information.
  • There is no contact information.
  • There is no scientific support of body typing for weight loss.


At this time we cannot support the Dr. Abravanel’s Body Type diet. The website, which may be the official website, does not offer much information on the plan. There is no supporting evidence or any contact information. In order to lose weight, we support the use of a fat burner and an appetite suppressant both of which have evidence of efficacy.

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    rob smith

    Back a few years ago I read and applied Dr.Abravanel’s nutrition plan, eating for your body type. What Dr. Abravanel suggests has a lot of valitity(sp). It gave me alot of valuable input on how to keep my weight down. I have to admit after awhile of abandoning the program, I still maintained a healthy weight.Discipline is the key! I hoped this helped.