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Dr. Edward Bach is a well-known pathologist and bacteriologist that devoted his life to creating and reinventing new vaccines and cures for everyday illnesses. He studied medicine in Birmingham and at the University College Hospital in London and by 1917 worked in France with injured soldiers returning from the war. In his later years, he began to focus solely on holistic and homoeopathic remedies. He started using his own vaccines he created and adapted them to produce seven homoeopathic nosodes. He also began using certain plants and flowers to replace the nosodes as a lighter and easier remedy. After spending the rest of his working years devoted to creating natural remedies, he found that some of his tests yielded outstanding results. He discovered that using holistic approaches for his clients helped to heal them much better and healthier than other methods. Although his life was cut short at the age of 50, he left behind a legacy of natural remedies that are continued in many fields today.


Dr. Bach believed in using different flowers and extracts for remedies depending on the type of person you are. Some of the different extracts include: Aspen, Beech, Cherry Plum, Crab Apple, Elm, Holly, Impatiens, Pine, Olive, Walnut, Wild Oat, Willow, among several others. The entire listing can be found on his website.

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Dr. Bach created 38 different remedies which are now contained in the “Bach Remedy System”. They have been around for over 80 years and are still trusted in the medical fields today. Each of his remedies are associated with a human emotion, therefore, since there are countless amounts of emotions, he felt the need to create as many as possible while he was alive. Dr. Bach believed in the holistic, natural way of healing yourself and devoted his life to the practice of living life as simple as possible. All of his remedies can be found on his website, as well as the processes of how to do them. They typically come in solid or liquid form and some need to be combined.

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  • Dr. Bach’s remedies have been around for over 80 years and are still carried on today.
  • Provides a more natural and holistic way of healing emotions.
  • Provides a safer way to use medicines.


  • If you are experiencing an overpowering emotion, you may need to consult a psychiatrist for stronger medicine.
  • These remedies are made for normal people without pre-existing conditions.


The Bach Centre is still standing today, as hundreds of doctors and employees are devoted to Dr. Bach’s simple, yet effective remedies. His remedies are a more natural and holistic way to heal yourself rather than using other medicines with side effects.

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    tom patrone

    i have ocd and intrusive thoughts. does your product work for this.