Dr Bill Nagler Diet Results Review

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The Dr. Bill Nagler Diet Results program includes fat burning injections and nutritional supplements. The website offers links to both the program website as well as the clinic website in Michigan. Dr. Nagler is a book author who has dedicated his 20 years of practice to weight loss issues. The books and products offered by Dr. Nagler include Crash Diet, The Diet Doctor’s Wife’s Cookbook, Dr. Nagler’s Formula and Cellulite Program.


The ingredients of Dr. Bill Nagler Diet Results depend on the type of weight loss you choose.

Product Features

The Dr. Bill Nagler Diet Results weight loss program includes four sub programs. These are the crash diet, a cookbook, a weight loss formula and a cellulite program. The crash diet program is based on a book that offers information on how to lose 10 to 20 pounds per month. The crash diet claims it is not healthier to lose weight over time. The cookbook offers diet conscience recipes from the kitchen of the Drs Wife’s kitchen. The weight loss formula is a meal replacement liquid diet. The program calls for drinking one shake for breakfast, one shake for lunch and one shake for dinner. The cellulite program offers fat burning injections (at the clinical office only), gels, serums and creams.

The website is confusing, at best. The viewers will have very little chance to learn a lot about any of the programs. From the crash diet to the nutritional supplementation, all of the plans on the website seem to support fast weight loss and extreme diet changes without the help of an appetite suppressant or herbal fat burner. The nutritional shakes offer 100 calories per shake and the user is allowed to drink up to 6 shakes a day. This means the dieter will be consuming only 600 calories per day.

While the costs of the programs vary greatly, the shakes retail for $2.00 each at the time of this review. The cellulite reduction program is listed as $19.95 but there is no information on the ingredients or what is included in this program.

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  • There is contact information available on the site.


  • The programs support fast weight loss.
  • The nutritional diet offers very low calories.
  • The website is confusingly full of products.
  • It is hard to find any information on the site aside from how to purchase more products.
  • There is no scientific evidence supporting Dr. Nagler’s claims of extreme weight loss being better.


The Dr. Bill Nagler Diet Results website leaves the user with far more questions than answers. The website is more of a store front for Dr. Nagler’s products than a weight loss information portal. The very low calorie Crash Diet is not one many dieters will be able to follow for a long period of time and the health ramifications are questionable. We cannot support this diet.

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