Dr Bob Arnots Revolutionary Diet Review

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According to Dr. Bob Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet, in order to lose weight, the dieter must eat before they are hungry. This will stop the extra calories eaten in the fit of “starvation” and keep the dieter from overeating.


The Dr. Bob Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet is a diet program with a book for support and direction.

Product Features

When following the Dr. Bob Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet, there are no calories that need to be counted, no fat grams to note and no strict rules to follow. The simple rule of thumb is to eat before you get hungry. While some dieters may find these loose rules comforting, others may find the lack of direction difficult to follow.

The plan does encourage the dieter to eat healthy foods and follow an exercise plan, however there are no specific instructions on how to plan out the diet, start the diet and keep on the diet over time. The monotony of the diet plan or lack of a plan may lead users to fall off the plan more easily than other book related weight loss systems that offer specific instruction.

The diet supports the use of several smaller meals during the day as a means of keeping hunger at bay. While there is scientific evidence on both sides of this dieting thought process, the lack of an official website does not give the plan a place to show off the positive support. There is no contact information available on the program.

The cost of the program is limited to the cost of the Dr. Bob Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet book.

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  • The program encourages exercise.
  • Several small meals every day are supported.
  • The cost of the plan is low.


  • There is no support for the plan.
  • There are no testimonials.
  • The Dr. Bob Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet offers no official website.
  • The book leaves much to the interpretation of the dieter.
  • There are no clear guidelines for the diet.


While a diet needs to be followed by the person trying to lose weight, at times guidelines on the progression of the diet can help someone stick with the plan. The Dr. Bob Arnot’s Revolutionary Diet does not offer much in the way of this guidance. The plan is dedicated 100% to the idea that if the dieter eats before they are hungry they will not eat as much. While the plan does support exercise and healthy eating, the ability to control hunger can be a huge obstacle for an overweight person. At this time we cannot support this diet over the other eat less, move more diets available today. The use of a trusted fat burner and an appetite suppressant will often aid the dieter more than this book.

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