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Dr. Bo’s Diet is a weight loss program that is custom tailored to meet the needs of the individual. Dr. Bo has a team of doctors, nutritionists, and other medical professionals on his side to help each patient come up with a plan that will work for them, regardless of how much weight they have to lose. Dr. Bo is a medical director over an emergency department. He is also certified in Emergency Medicine, and is recognized all over the United States as a physician. The program says you will lose “up to 30 pounds in 30 days, guaranteed!” We will take a closer look at the program and the science behind it to determine if it is a viable weight loss option.

List of Ingredients

Dr. Bo’s Diet is not a supplement, and therefore does not have an ingredient list.

Product Features

The program can’t really be detailed until you speak to a professional with Dr. Bo, because it requires information about your medical history, weight, and goals. Generally speaking, the program addresses diet by giving you a very specific list of food, portion sizes, cooking methods, and a schedule for when to eat so there is no guesswork. Depending on the patient, certain medications may also be prescribed to assist with weight loss. All risks and side effects of said medication will be provided before the decision to take the medicine is made. Each person who uses this program will also be given a doctor and a weight loss specialist who will preside over the weight loss regimen to ensure the patient is healthy throughout the entire journey.

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  • The program uses a medical staff to supervise their patients.
  • The program is custom tailored to each individual.


  • There is no information about price listed on the website. Given the nature of the program, we believe it could be pricey and potential out of reach for many people who could benefit from it.
  • Though there are testimonials on the website, the photos look visibly altered.
  • There is a money back guarantee offered, but we are not sure how well they honor it.


Dr. Bo’s Diet seems like an excellent approach to weight loss. After all, who wouldn’t want a doctor and nutritionist specifically assigned to them for help with weight loss? The problem is, with individualized plans, there’s no way to really know about the plan without inquiring first, and without pricing information, there’s really no way to tell if you can afford the program. While we certainly advocate a balanced diet and regular exercise program, we also recommend the use of a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant to help accelerate your efforts.

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6 User Reviews about Dr. Bo’s Diet

  • 1

    does anyone know what is in the medication its day 4 and I feel awful I am going to stop taking it.


  • 2

    Dr. Bo’s Diet was a life changing experience for me.
    Before joining Dr. Bo’s Diet Center, I was on another program for 16 years, during which I went on and off. In between I tried every crash diet under the sun. At Dr. Bo, I got support, education, accountability, focus and best of all: a life long plan that has allowed me to keep my weight off!
    I started in October 2012, and I wore a size 20 back then. Today I wear a size 2. I decided to send Dr. Bo my before and after pictures in order to show real people like me that they can do it too. I wanted to pay it forward.
    Its not just about the numbers on the scale, it’s also about my health. Before I once had to pick something up off the floor, but I physically couldn’t bend over so I sat down on the floor – and I couldn’t get up! It was at that moment that I realized I need to change. I was so heavy then that I couldn’t even get life insurance. I used to take for granted how the basics are so important.
    I felt special coming to the Dr. Bo’s office. The staff is amazing and caring. They are really supportive, knowledgeable and professional.
    I have more energy than I have had since I was a teenager. I am in the best health (physically and emotionally) than I have ever been. Thank you so much Dr. Bo!
    Nancy K.


  • 3

    Loved this program! I lost 80 lbs in 3 months. They have fantastic support. I went in every week for a one-on-one consult and learned a lot more than could ever imagined. The staff is amazing, the program was easy to follow and I never thought I could feel as great as I do now. I love Dr. Bo’s!!!! Highly recommended.


  • 4

    The cost is around $1,000 but it works. Much easier than weight watchers and you lose weight fast as well as a detox jump-start. I lost 30 lbs in 90 days and had a nutritionist help me during periods of “diet stress”. Weekly weight loss monitoring was the key


  • 5

    They don’t honor the money back guarantee that easy, tend to play with there dates!
    very expensive, 3olbs in 30 days is for a very select few.



    They lied to me about the medication that the doc ‘formulated especially for me’. On my first appointment – the doc showed his face for a few seconds and left the room. Sean, the nutrition guy wrote down (I have his declaration in his hand writing) an answer to my question about ‘side effects’ “NO SIDE EFFECTS” and added “ZERO”. However, those tiny pink tablets – formulated by the doc – even though he did not sit with me and talk – nor examined me. Upon taking the very first tiny pink tablet as instructed – in less than 15 minute I started to feel shortness in breathing.
    I noted that and to make sure – I skipped the next one and my normal breathing returned – so the third day I took another tablet – and again the same shortness of breathe occurred. I had to curtail walking to Far Rockaway to visit my ailing neighbor. I always loved to walk – for miles and miles – and now I cannot make it even at home without fighting for a breath. Upon looking up the family of ‘METHY…’ group in the Consumer DRUG reference – I found that I was lied to because the side effects are multiple and am now suffering from full blown Bronchitis-Asthma, Runny nose that never stops, My lungs show the effects in the x-rays. My posture is affected due to extreme forwards PULL of my effected lungs. Both front and back where the lungs are situated are hurting. I am now in constant fear of catching even the slightest cold which can easily developed into pneumonia. Even My hair is thinning – and that is also listed amongst the side effects.
    I went to this diet center because it promised ‘SAFE’ method under his supervision. I got none of his ‘SAFE’ as guaranteed by his ad and his nutritionist.
    When I complained they became sore and refunded me after deducting the cost of the dangerous tiny pink tablets plus 10%.
    I am sure that when they read this – they will delete everything. However, I will have copies in my file to be presented in the Court of Law.
    One more thing, I just saw their new ad and they have the temerity to declare “PATIENT APPROVED”. Well, we shall see!
    I will welcome any unhappy individual to contact me