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Dr. Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet is a program that bases your weight loss plan on blood test results. Dr. Cohen believes that after reviewing the results of each individual’s blood test, a personalized weight loss plan can be formulated to guarantee results. Before Dr. Cohen developed the 1st Personal Diet he had a career in Cardiology and also Obstetrics and Gynecology. He was the leader of the Wits Medical School’s Test Tube Program which was recognized internationally. Dr. Cohen became familiar with the “problem of obesity” while doing his work with infertility. Wanting to do something about the problem, he spent over three years researching nutrition internationally. Then Dr. Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet was born. This diet has given numerous individuals around the globe the tools and resources to help them lose weight and keep the weight off. Dr. Cohen believes that obesity is a disease and can be cured. Some people have hormones that are out of balance and can cause their metabolism to decrease. Dr. Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet advises you of which foods to eat to put your hormones back in balance and therefore helping your metabolism increase and burn fat.


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Dr. Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet is a weight loss program that causes rapid loss of fat and weight. You will be required to eat only certain foods during the time period you are on the diet. The foods you eat will be foods that you can purchase anywhere or make from ingredients that you already probably have in your pantry. No special foods or pills will need to be taken. Dr. Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet is designed to last for only a short time and to then teach you how to eat properly so you will maintain your weight loss results. In order to start the diet you will be required to send in blood results to be evaluated. This diet does not count calories and while you do have to eat only certain foods it appears there is quite a variety in what you will be eating. The cost of Dr. Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet is $249. You will also be required to pay the cost for your blood work directly to your doctor or lab where your blood is taken.

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  • Dr. Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet can be done from anywhere in the world.
  • The customer testimonials as well as the before and after photos prove that this diet does work.


  • The blood test required to begin Dr. Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet could be an inconvenience to some.
  • The cost of $249 for this diet is quite expensive. (This does not include whatever costs you would incur to get your blood test.)


Dr. Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet appears to be a foolproof way to rapidly lose weight and keep the weight off. The high cost however, may make it unrealistic for some individuals. If the cost and having to send blood work in are not for you, then another weight loss alternative such as dieting and taking a weight loss supplement may be a better option.

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    fast weight loss exercises

    I have great news! I had my Blood Lipids retested after following The F-Factor Diet for 3 Months. Yesterday I vistited my Doctor to go over the results.


  • 2
    Monica Johnson

    I would like some information regarding this diet. How do I sign up.
    Thank you,
    Monica Johnson


  • 3

    Do not join Cohens. You will absolutely lose weight, the program works BUT they work out your goal weight according to a system very much like BMI which is quite unnerving since this is supposed to have been designed by a fertility specialist. Make sure you have the humility of a monk because their admin is inept and the way the agents treat the clients shocking beyond words. If I should need to lose weight again, I will make use of TLC for Weightloss.


  • 4
    Your Name

    Is this diet available in south africa


  • 5

    my problem is that I managed to lose 20 kgs with atkins diet but now my problem is that I gain weight in no time and i want to be 63 kgs n I coul not manage to lose 3 kgs in 3 years,.I am relly worried 1 why I dont lose weight 2 why I put on weight so quickly even 2 kgs in one week, right now I am 66 kgs n my hight is 5.6 inches, can anybody help me?????????


  • 6

    I went on the program last year and lost 10kg, but I have since gained a bit of weight. Big question is if I follow my old eating plan (without defaulting) WILL I be able to loose weight? OR I am expected to apy the 249 again? Thanks


  • 7

    Could someone shed some light on this diet vs the TLC diet> They seem to be the same thing. What is the long term success rate or do either or both lead to yo-yo dieting when normal eating resumes?


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