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The Dr Fountis Weight Loss Program offers a detailed program for losing weight based on Dr Fountis’ book. The website is run by Chiro-Med Centers in Scottsdale Arizona. The Weight Loss Program is only one of the preventative and treatment programs offer by the center.

The Weight Loss Program weighs heavily on Dr Fountis’ book, A Healthy Weigh which combines weight loss practices with social and psychosocial information.


The Dr Fountis Weight Loss Program includes food choices and nutritional supplements.

Product Features

According to the Weight Loss Plan website, the plan is the best weight loss program available because there are no fad diets and no gimmicks. Each program is personalized for the patient, when seen in the Scottsdale setting and the weight loss is monitored by a physician.

The weight loss plan focuses on a low carbohydrate plan that is high in protein with no fat. This is the one aspect of the Dr Fountis Weight Loss Plan that differs from other low carbohydrate plans. Foods need to be weighed on the program and the users will interact with the doctors at the clinic.

There are three steps in the weight loss program by Dr Fountis. The first step teaches the user to weigh foods, monitor weight, intake and ketosis and learn to eat to lose weight. The second stage or the maintenance phase includes a “transition prescription”. The website does not expand on whether or not this is a physical prescription for medication or a change in the plan. The final stage includes living life after weight loss in a healthy way.

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  • Low carbohydrate diets tend to result in weight loss.
  • The plan is watched by physicians.


  • Users are limited by their distance from the clinic for the in person visits.
  • Low carbohydrate plans are often high in fat which leads to felling fuller, longer. This diet has no fat.
  • Healthy fat is needed for good cholesterol levels.
  • The plan focuses on in person visits which limit the number of people who can follow the program.
  • The plan requires weighing foods which some people will find time consuming.


At this time we have difficultly supporting the Dr Fountis Weight Loss Program. The program, at first glance, looks like a low carbohydrate diet. But, after looking into the program more closely, there is no fat in the diet. Zero fat diets have been proven to lower good and bad cholesterol levels. Fat is needed by the body to absorb fat soluble vitamins and for good cholesterol levels. Any diet that eliminates fats all together may result in weight loss, but at what cost to health. The weight loss amounts are also very high when compared to the prescriptions for healthy weight loss numbers.

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    Martin Freund

    I followed the program to the letter, including bi-weekly visits/weigh-ins. No hunger and good energy throughout my 4 months on program. Result: I lost 70 pounds and kept it off for 3 years, eating healthfully. Quick and easy, but must be physician monitored due to rapid loss. I remained healthy and energetic throughout. Only problem was constant urination..what a pain. But went from 46″ waist to 34 1/2″. DO NOT TRY THIS ON YOUR OWN! Dr. Fountis monitors you closely.


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