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Dr Joel Fuhrman is a physician who emphasizes dietary changes for weight loss and improved health. The Dr Fuhrman plans are based on books written by the doctor. The books include the Eat to Live book, the Eat for Health book, the Cholesterol Protection book. There is an official website dedicated to the writings and teachings of Dr Joel Fuhrman. The website includes information about the plans and special offers at the Dr Fuhrman’s Getaway Vacation.


Each of the Dr Fuhrman programs are based on changing eating habits in order to lose weight.

Product Features

There are three main programs available from Dr Fuhrman. These programs are the Eat to Live program, the Eat for Health program and the Cholesterol Protection program.

The Eat to Live program is a weight loss program that entails instructions on how to eat to live a healthier, longer life. The program claims to help dieters to lose more weight than they ever thought possible and reduce their need for medications based on the reversal of the disease process gained by following the eating plan.

The Eat for Health program is a two-book set that focuses again on eating healthier in order to lose weight and reverse the disease process.

The Cholesterol Protection program is a more focused diet aimed at lowering overall cholesterol and bad cholesterols below 100 points.

There are testimonials available on the website for all of Dr Joel Fuhrman’s programs. The testimonials do not provide before and after photos. The website also makes use of Dr Mehmet Oz and other celebrities as a way to supporting the efficacy of the program.

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  • Healthier eating will reduce weight.
  • Reduction in weight can lead to improvement in overall health.
  • The website includes testimonials.
  • Contact information is included on the website.


  • There is no detailed information about the diet plans.
  • The website uses the names of famous Drs to boost support.
  • The cost of the book is above average at $14.99 for one paperback.


While Dr Joel Fuhrman seems to have a huge following in the celebrity circle, there are very few details on the website about the program. The program claims to reverse the disease process and help the dieter to lose 20 to 40 pounds of weight each month. This high amount of weight loss can be harmful to overall health. The plan seems to be a diet plan like all the others with a ton of big statements with very little scientific information to back up these statements. In order to lose weight the healthy way, we support the use of a fat burner and an appetite suppressant in conjunction with healthy meals and exercise.

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  • 1

    sounds very good,butI find that it is to expensive for my .I live on a budget since I had my heart attack.Not able to walk far or workout I know that I don’t like this sitting around,and know i needs something.Have to change. why so I ask why so expensive


  • 2
    Donna Jones

    I love Dr. Fuhrman’s diet and will stay on it forever. My question is why I still feel like I have low blood sugar? I know Dr. Fuhrman says it’s not low blood sugar but withdrawals. After almost 6 weeks? I feel so uncomfortable and sometimes shaky. Any suggestions?


  • 3
    Terri akaka

    I started Dr Fuhrmans diet I stayed on it for one week at the end of that week, I had lost 8 pounds
    I was on three blood pressure medicines my doctor told me to stop taking my meds because my blood pressure was too low.
    I am going to resume the Fuhrman diet in January. this time I will stick to it. thanks Dr Furman.


  • 4
    Janet Baer

    When I started Dr. Fuhrman’s diet I was 105 and the only reason I started on his diet was that I am pre-diebetic, NOT to loose weight because I had non to loose. I didn’t follow it 100% just parts of my meals and only 2 or 3 times a week. Weighted myself late last week and I was down to 97.5. This isn’t good and I now have to gain back what I lost.


    Your Name

    Hope you’re not eating unhealthy processed foods to regain a few pounds. You need a health coach. You did not eat enough whole grains and other healthy foods. I am at my ideal body weight and continue maintaining my weight after following the plan for three months.


  • 5
    Denny Jones

    Dr.Fuhrman my big brother is suffering with M.S can you please help us. Is there anything you can recomend for his condation right now he’s in a wheelchair can’t stand up or walk and he has a slierd speech please can you get back to me.


  • 6

    Joe; Fuhrman is a rude and arrogant man. Usually that type of behavior stems from an unhealthy brain possibly lacking in nutrients.
    I high;y recommend reading Dr. Ames Healthy Brain Books Joel

    I am a fan of Joels Mission but of him as a person.


  • 7

    I purchased Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat To Live on Ebay. I read the book in one night and
    lost 10 pounds the first week. I eat all
    the time and am never hungry. For me, it
    was this or bypass. Thanks, Dr. Fuhrman!



    I am in total agreement with you. I also read it in one night, lost 20 pounds in one month, have not lost another pound in over 6 months and have no trouble maintaining. When I donated blood today my blood pressure was 121 over 76. Pretty good for a 65 year old lady on no BP meds!


  • 8

    I am very interested in trying your program, however, I have diverticulosis and my doctor told me to avoid seeds and nuts and I notice in many recipes you use seeds or nuts. Would this work if I didn’t consume those items?



    Can you eat ground seeds or nuts



    Chia seeds in oatmeal works great!


  • 9

    If one of your objections to the Fuhrman program is that was no detailed information about the program, why don’t you apply the same reasoning to your top rated product choice.


  • 10

    We have always been taught to listen to our inner voice.
    I believe this is a sound product based on sound principals. This isn’t even about weight lose, its about living right and your body healing itself and getting to IT’S weight. Pills are a lie. I am buying the program for my sister and I for Christmas. I will report back either positively or negatively.



    did it work for y9ou?


    Janice and Kevin

    Went on this diet but needed my spouse to be trying to be healthier too. He agreed and his cholesterol dropped from 202 to 160 in one month. His body fat is no ideal after being told he had five pounds of fat in his torso to lose! I got to my ideal weight and am steadily 123-124 pounds. I feel better and have enough energy to hit the gym three or four days a week for toning. Everyone tells me I look great. My husband looks healthy and toned also.


  • 11

    We have always been taught to listen to our inner voice.
    I will be buying the program for my sister and I for Christmas BECAUSE it makes sense. it is based on sound concepts instead of “pop a pill” and you are cured. I am going to report back to this site on the results.


  • 12

    Just saw his 3 Steps to Great Health on PBS. He actually went into great detail about the dangers of losing a lot of weight quickly. His program(s) center around health and reducing the main diseases killing us and of all things he is one doctor who is promoting micro nutrients. He is trying to reduce the use of medications and surgeries which aren’t needed if you eat well.

    He’s very clear on what he promotes and is willing to battle for nutrition against American’s high disease rates such as cancer and heart disease as well as obesity.

    Don’t know if his way is the best way to lose weight but he is an authority who is a doctor that is promoting ways to combat the leading killers and he’s particularly focused on aging and poor eating habits of most Americans which is well-documented.


  • 13

    Your review of Dr. Fuhrman is ILL-INFORMED. On the home page of his website is the actual food pyramid, showing what percentage of each food group one should consume. If that isn’t telling you what the food plan is, I don’t know what is. He does NOT say 20 pounds per month. Read it again. It is completely safe and natural, yet you choose a some diet product as your top pick? Really?


  • 14

    I love this program. Struggled with weight all my life. It’s coming off and fast too. I am never hungry and feel great.


  • 15

    The Fire Dept. that I work for has a health and wellness program that is based off Dr. Fuhrman’s diet and it has shown AMAZING results! I love meat but I am tempted to try this out bc several of my buddies here at the station lost weight fast.


  • 16

    What is apparent is your lack of thorough research on the subject of Dr. Fuhrman and his exhaustive science-based work. There are a few false statements about his research. You state that this is a positive site, yet you make negative comments about an ill-researched topic.

    We shall see if you post this.



    I’ve been following the Eat to Live program since Sept -09.I lost 25 lbs, and I feel like I am 25, I am really 56 years old. Dr. Fuhrmans plan is a simple plant based diet, I love it!


  • 17
    nancy grenfell

    read his books.. every page of facts has considerable amount of techical analysis and clinical research to back it. Dr. Fuhrman never prints a statement without clinical research.,.. His work is constantly documented. Read the books. You heed nutrient dense foods to build the blood which makes the cells which is the path to healing. Pills can be accessories at best.


  • 18

    So….let me get this straight. You think that thermogenics are the way to go?
    Well, having been with Herbalife for eight years, I can tell you that the only way to good health and permanent weight loss is through your fork!
    Dr. Fuhrman provides lots of research.Revving up the metabolism drops just as many pounds per month BUT puts them all back on and MORE when you quit using them.The Dr. Fuhrman”plan” provides good blood work results, better vision,disease prevention and reversal, longevity.

    Are you bias or not? We shall see if you post this.



    I did a half-ass job of going on this diet and still lost a lot of weight but the weight loss didn’t stick. Initially, I wanted to try this diet because I’ve always had a problem with constipation which most diets except this one tended to exacerbate.
    While this diet solved the constipation problem, I never seemed to benefit from the loss of cravings for “prohibited” foods. I tried in vain to douse my cravings by stuffing myself with his 90% raw veggies & cooked veggie policy to no avail. I would still continually crave cheeseburgers, fries and a shake, not to mention all the other goodies I was constantly denying myself.
    Unfortunately, I find myself in another “need to diet” cycle, but I’m loath to go back to the Fuhrman diet to solve my weight-gain problem. Perhaps I’m too lazy to stand there cutting up endless amounts of veggies, or constantly going to the store for all the crazy ingredients one needs to make all the Fuhrman food and salad dressings? I say that rhetorically.
    Alas, I find myself in the age-old diet conundrum: going back to a diet that works but sucks to have to do.
    One may wonder why I was unable to stay on the Fuhrman so called “life-plan” part of the diet. Well, I did try to stay vegetarian which is pretty much what the Fuhrman diet is all about but like I said, it’s a major pain having to spend so much time chopping, shopping and putting together that much food. I found the Fuhrman diet challenging not just in the eating part, but in the food preparation part.
    Anyone else have these problems with this diet?



    I found the theory of his EAT TO LIVE book extremely simple. I make a shake with bananas and frozen tropical fruits, strawberries, a tablespoon of ground flax seeds, and almond milk for breakfast.

    for lunch I have a whole 14 oz. can of low salt beans. Black beans I make a salad with cucumbers, onion, avocado, mango, apple and peppers. When I do black-eyed peas, I add them to sautéed mushroom, bell peppers, onion, and whatever other veggie I feel like throwing in. I do this with other beans, too. I put in a LOT of veggies. I sometimes have a can of butter beans mixed with a can of turnip greens or collard greens. Very tasty. For dinner I have a huge salad, with leafy greens and other salad veggies, and with walnuts usually. Usually I use lemon for dressing If I didn’t have avocado at lunch I throw some in and it blends with the lemon juice to make a real nice dressing. I try to eat a pound of vegetables, but I get at least 2/3 of a pound.

    I’m 74 years old and I take prednisone for rheumatoid arthritis and
    COPD, plus other medications for condition’s I’ve had for years. I’m hooked up to oxygen so I get hardly any exercise although I do use dumbbells (mostly while seated) so you can tell it’s not the exercise.

    This year I have lost almost all of my belly fat and my weight has dropped over 20 pounds.

    Main thing is no bread, no meat, and no dairy, although my lung doctor wants me to get animal protein so I have fish a couple of times a week.

    I have never lost weight so quickly, and I NEVER lost any belly fat before. I can’t think of anything easier, and it definitely has been very effective for me.


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