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The Dr Fuhrman Eat to Live program is a weight loss program focused on losing weight to improve health. The plan is based on a book written by Dr Joel Fuhrman. The book is one of several self help books written by the doctor. There is an official website for the Dr Fuhrman weight loss books. The Eat to Live program claims the user can lose 10 pounds or more every month on the program as well as reverse the disease process and look younger by following the plan.

Dr Fuhrman makes use of Dr Mehmet Ozs name throughout the website. Dr Mehmet Oz is a famous doctor that works primarily with Oprah Winfrey and on television helping people to lose weight and live healthier.


The Dr Fuhrman Eat to Live book.

Product Features

The Eat to Live program tells the user that losing weight is more about knowledge than about willpower. The plan focuses on eating foods that offer more nutrition for the body for the calories consumed. Dr Fuhrman believes when nutrients are high, the body kicks into fat burning and healing mode. The plan offers recipes for nutrient rich meals, meal plans and a six-week program that aims to remove the bodies need for unhealthy and filler foods.

The Eat to Live book is offered as a standalone book, CD set or eBook version. There are also several packages available on the website that includes the Eat to Live book.

The official website for Dr Fuhrman’s Eat to Live program offers book sales and memberships to the website. The paperback of the Eat to Live book is selling for $14.99 at the time of this review. The membership to the website costs $34.95 for the first 6 weeks and $7.95 a month thereafter or $99.00 a year.

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  • The program focuses on eating nutrient rich meals.
  • The book includes meal plans and recipes.


  • The Eat to Live book is high priced.
  • In order to contact the doctor users have to pay for membership to the site.
  • The website uses other Drs names to boost support for the plan.


It is difficult to get passed the promotionary methods on the site to see the information about the Eat to Live program. The only real information the visitor gets from the website is that eating more nutrient dense meals will help you to lose weight. There are no supplements discussed and no information given about the specifics of the plan. The plan seems to focus on eating healthy and losing weight which is the same focus as many other diet plans and self help books available for far less money. When supporting a weight loss product, we tend to support ones that follow a healthy weight loss program that employs a fat burner and an appetite suppressant.

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26 User Reviews about Dr Fuhrmans Eat To Live

  • 1
    Rita Baker

    I am 92 and in good health except that I have pad in my legs started at when I was 90 my legs feel sort of numb and I get tired walking what is good for that I would appreciate any advice you can give may I get your office address.


  • 2
    Mihan rigolli

    I thought I am following your good book& diet until one month ago, I survived a heart attack& liver inflammation.
    But I need your serious guidance how to survive my current problems. I live in Quebec Canada


  • 3
    mary steele

    I have IBS RA and fibro I know broccoli make my stomach go crazy and also sprouts
    Would this book be applicable to me


  • 4
    mary steele

    I have IBS RA ans irritable bowel syndrome and broccoli, sometimes raw carrots make my stomach go crazy so I am not sure about this book with these things happening


  • 5
    mary steele

    I have fibro RA and irritable bowel I do know that broccoli makes the stomache pain bad and beans at times are there any alternatives


  • 6

    I have ulcerated colitis –there is no right way or wrong way to eat-hit and miss–my energy level is low-due to my medicine–can you help


  • 7

    What do you think about medical marijuana and the heart while on you diet, is it ok?


  • 8
    barbara cameron

    Can I get it in audio book?


  • 9

    dx with mulple myloma , which as you know affects the blood picture and the clotting time. I am fearful to take flax seed or chia seeds as they thin the blood. What is your advice?


  • 10
    Frederick Sargolini

    I have kidney failure, and go to dialysis 3 times a week for 3.5 hours. Is there any precautions to take when someone has this condition?


  • 11

    i have c.a.d. high blood presser and arthritis. can your plan help me?


  • 12
    Lacey Spencer

    I want to address some of the comments above, because I do not find them to be accurate. You do not need to become a member in order to buy any of the books or products that are on Dr Fuhrman’s website.
    There is lots of great information available in the library section of the site which I was able to access without joining.. Once I started looking around the site I decided to become a member so that I could read the forums and access all of the recipes and it was only $3.95 a month which I found quite reasonable!

    Also I was really impressed with Dr. Fuhrman’s supplements because he gave very detailed and scientifically referenced information about supplemental ingredients that could increase the risk of cancer, and why he designed his the way he did. I was able to make an informed decision on which supplements would be best for me to take.


  • 13

    I just startesd this Eat To Live program about two weeks ago. I have already lost 14 pounds. Basically a vegetarian diet. I also gave up coffee and drink tea instead. I also walk once a day. I feel great and my pants are loose!


  • 14
    Linda maschke

    I eat no flour and no sugar now but would like to eliminate dairy and meat and follow your plan. My concern is all the recipes and prep time. Can I simplify with plain raw and cooked veggies and fruits? I guess boredom is a possibility but I need food fast and portable.


  • 15

    where can i get your book EAT TO LIVE
    LOSE 20LBS


    Hilda Arana

    where can i get your book EAT TO LIVE
    LOSE 30LBS



    Just about any bookstore. I even saw it at the local pharmacy.
    Great information that informs enough to motivate to do this! Highly recommend.


  • 16

    I would like to have the book, but I don’t want to join a club to inable me to do so. What’s up with that?
    Dr. Mike Murray



    I bought mine on Ebay.


    Joyce Howard

    I brought my two books on amazon, Live to eat, and the end of diabetes. I heard you on Dr. Oz show. I keep buying so many books and vit, ect. that I can’t afford it all. I don’t see why you don’t have your site for free if you really wanted to help all people. I like what I’am reading but still have some questions on some foods I likes. I have a lot of med problems and take a lot of pills. I want to get off these badly and my weight gain . Thanks hope you can answer my question .


    Mary Vaught

    You can buy the book on Amazon, they have several copies at My local library.


  • 17
    cindy cromer

    I have severe fibromyalgia,also diabetic(non insulin) I am in constant pain and my doctor has put me on morphine for the last 2 yrs. Is it possible and have you seen this diet help with fibromyalgia patients? Desperate for answers..


  • 18

    Hello Dr. Fuhrman,
    I have a history of Crohn’s Disease and have an ostomy. I watched your PBS program and am interested in boosting my immune system. I am interested in your diet, not for weight loss but for better health. My concern is that I am unable to tolerate any kind of beans, peas and uncooked vegetables especially broccoli,
    Due to these intolerances and sensitivities, and without a colon, I would like your advice as to whether your program would be appropriate for me.


    donald smith

    hi the doctor say i have IBS.
    is this progrom good for me.


    Patrick Casey

    How can caffeen affect colesteral. There is nothing in that milk meat or oil byproduct


    Agnes Choi

    Hi DJ
    Besides Dr. Furman’s advice, I also would advice you to try cinnamon and honey drink between meals and before sleep(1 tsp cinnamon in 1 cup of hot boiling water and 1tbs of honey) or if your BP is okay,try licorice tea that builds stomach wall less sensitive(?)besides all cooked food,for your bean intolerance,try to use cumin/coriander/
    tumeric/clover as spices when you cook beans/peas.For more questions,I would be glad to talk at’evergladnatural@yahoo.com’ or visit website’vibrantHerbal.com’ at contact page.Otherwise try above remedy and good
    luck to you.