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Dr. Good Carb’s ZingGo! Superfood was created by Dr. Krystosik, a chiropractic family physician. He hosts a radio program that airs weekly called, “The Other Side of Medicine.” A link can be found on the Dr. Good Carb’s website to listen to this program. Dr. Krystosik practices medicine in Ohio and hopes to provide individuals treatments to chronic problems with natural medicine. He lives his life based on the advice he offers other and at the age of 58 maintains a very active and athletic lifestyle. ZingGo! Superfood can help most anyone achieve and maintain a healthy natural lifestyle. The Superfood comes in a powder form to be mixed with water or juice and taken once or twice a day. The formula is all natural and safe for even diabetics as the sugar content is very low. The website claims that children can even take this product. As everyone is different results can happen at different times for different people. It may take one day to feel results or it may take a weeks or months to feel results. Dr. Good Carb’s Zingo! Superfood powder sells for $44.95 for a 12.75 oz bottle or you can save 10% be enrolling in the auto ship program that ships three bottles every three months for $121.36.


Dr. Good Carb’s ZingGo! Superfood Powder contains the following: 4643 mg Super Green Food Blend: Spirulina, Barley grass, Chlorella, Wheat grass juice, Wheat sprout, Hydrilla Verticillata. 2467 mg Super Antioxidant Blend: Acai berry, Royal jelly, Bee pollen, Green tea, Grape seed extract, White tea. 2290 mg Super Vegetable Blend: Spinach, Dulse, Parsley, Beet, Carrot, Dunalia Salina, Broccoli sprout. 1380 mg Super Fruit & Berry Blend: Raspberry, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Apple, Goji berry, Concord grape, Mangosteen, Acerola Berry, Lo Han Guo, Bilberry. 2283 mg Super Detox Blend: Lecithin (non GMO), Aloe Vera juice, Milk thistle, Ginger. 843 mg Super Non-Dairy Probiotic Blend: Fructooligosaccharides, Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, Salivarius, Bifidobacterium. 186 Super Digestive Enzyme Blend: Protease, Lipase, Amylase. The ingredients for Dr. Good Carb’s ZingGo! Superfood Energy Bars are also listed on the website.

Product Features

Dr. Good Carb’s ZingGo! Superfood offers vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The powder form can be mixed with water or juice depending on your taste. ZingGo! Superfood is natural and organic. Individuals taking ZingGo! Superfood can expect to see results in the following areas: stamina and energy; function of your immune system; healthier sexual life; circulation and heart; blood sugar at healthy levels; mental clarity and health of your colon.

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  • Dr. Good Carb’s ZingGo! Superfood is all natural and safe for all individuals.
  • The Superfood was developed by the knowledgeable Dr. Krystosik.


  • At a price of $44.95 ZingoGo! Superfood is costly.
  • The Dr. Good Carb’s website does not offer any guarantee or money back offers.


Dr. Good Carb’s ZingGo! Superfood provides an organic way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This product is not designed for weight loss but overall health of the body. This may in turn cause weight loss to occur but it is not the primary result. Because of this, a diet supplement may be needed in addition to ZingGo! Superfood in order to achieve weight loss results.

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