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The Dr Gotts No Flour, No Sugar diet is a diet based on just the titles principles. The plan contains foods with no flour and no sugar. The basis of the diet is to remove all foods with empty calories from the diet. Dr Gotts is a medical doctor that has practiced general medicine for more than 40 years.

There is no official website for the Dr Gotts No Flour, No Sugar diet but several testimonials and informative websites are available on the Internet for people wishing to follow the plan.


The diet contains foods with no flour and no sugar.

Product Features

The Dr Gotts No Flour, No Sugar plan is a constrictive diet that eliminates ALL flour and sugar from the diet. The plan tends to emphasize portion control which is a great way to minimizing intake for weight loss. However, the plan fails to support healthy amounts of exercise while following the eating plan. While following the diet, users can eat foods that fall into certain categories. These categories include whole grains (minus flours), fruits, vegetables, dairy, poultry, meat, fish, and starches.

In order to follow the plan, the user will have to learn to read every food label before consuming the food. The sugars eliminated are not just white sugars. All sugars such as syrups and brown sugar are also eliminated. When the dieter eliminates all flour and sugar, the plan seems very similar to a lower carbohydrate diet with the inclusion of starches.

The Dr Gotts No Flour, No Sugar plan suggests splitting the plate into two sections. One section is reserved for fruits, vegetable and starches and the other half is to be filled with protein.

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  • This diet is good for people with food allergies.
  • The diet focuses on nutritional foods rather than filling empty calories.
  • No calorie counting is needed on the diet.
  • Portion control is supported.


  • The diet plan can be very constrictive.
  • The diet requires weekly weigh ins.
  • Dieters must write down everything they eat and drink.
  • Exercise is not emphasized.
  • No testimonials.
  • No official website.


After carefully reviewing the Dr Gotts No Flour, No Sugar diet it is hard to support the program. The restrictive nature of the program leaves many dieters feeling as though they cannot eat in the general setting without special meals and foods. Some people may feel like weekly weigh ins are too few and far between and the daily journaling can be demanding. We tend to support plans with scientific evidence and a well appointed website and this plan has neither. In order to lose weight, we support a strong fat burner with an appetite suppressant.

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2 User Reviews about Dr Gotts No Flour No Sugar

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    This is a fantastic eating program. Anyone who says they are hungry are not following instrtuctions. All of the food groups are represented. Only sugar and flour are eliminated, no great loss as they are just empty calories. This is very easy to achieve if you prepare fresh foods from scratch.


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    John Koenig

    I believe Dr. Gott’s approach is the answer. It certainly was for me. Our cultture is addicted to sugar. I don’t see how anyone can responsibly say that eliminating all added sugar from a diet is anything other than great. Flour falls into the same category. I have lost the 40 pounds I needed to without much effort. AS far as exercise is concerned…well, of course you need to exercise. He says so, just doesn’t stress it. Come on guys, grow up. It takes exercise and food choice for long term weight loss. Period. And Gott has got the right idea.