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Dr. Gundry’s ‘Diet Evolution’ is a book which was written by Dr. Steven R. Gundry, M.D. Dr. Gundry graduated cum laude from Yale University and received honors in Human Biological and Social Evolution. He also graduated from the Medical College of Georgia Alpha Omega Alpha. Dr. Gundry finished his residencies at the University of Michigan in Thoracic and General Surgeries. He then spent time at the National Institutes of Health serving as a clinical associate. During this time, he created a device that could reverse the death of cells that takes place in an acute heart attack. This device, after several changes, is now called the Gundry Retrograde Cardioplegia Cannula. It is used worldwide and prevents damage to the heart during open heart surgeries. Dr. Gundry, along with his partner Leonard Bailey, pioneered heart transplants in infants and children and they have since completed more of these types of transplants than anyone else. He is one of the original group of twenty investigators for the artificial heart and he also invented the ministernotomy (minimally invasive mitrial and aortic valve repair), the Gundry Lateral Tunnel (tissue that rebuilds hearts in children) and the Skoosh venous cannula (cannula used in minimally invasive surgeries of the heart). Dr. Gundry has also served as a consultant for various devices that allow robotic surgery to be possible. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, the American Surgical Association, the American College of Cardiology, the College of Chest Physicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics. In addition to his book ‘Diet Evolution’ he has authored articles in journals and chapters in several books. Dr. Gundry has performed surgeries in over 30 different countries, including India, China and Zimbabwe. In 2001 Dr. Gundry shifted paths in his career after hearing of a patient who was deemed “inoperable” fully recovering from coronary artery disease due to nutraceutical supplements and dietary change.


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Dr. Gundry’s book ‘Diet Evolution’ is the first diet book he has written and comes after struggling with weight loss himself. He developed a diet pulling ideas from his thesis written while at Yale and managed to lose 70 pounds. He encouraged several of his staff members to try his diet and they too saw impressive results. Dr. Gundry is a part of Jillian Michaels’ Wellness Team and writes online blogs on her site. His book ‘Diet Evolution’ can help you to lose unwanted weight and keep it off for good. It was published in March of 2008, is 304 pages and is available online for $24.95.

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  • Dr. Gundry has an impressive and extensive background.
  • ’Diet Evolution’ is sold for a reasonable price at $24.95 and can even be found for less at some places.


  • In order to learn any of Dr. Gundry’s diet tips you must purchase the book ‘Diet Evolution’; there is no online source for the information.


Dr. Gundry’s ‘Diet Evolution’ can advise you of how to lose weight and keep the weight off. According to online customer reviews, the book does work and most people experience exceptional results. The dieting tips in the book cannot be found anywhere online and purchase of the book is required to follow the diet plan.

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  • 1

    Dr. Gundry’s book is a much, much better approach for weight loss and the improvement of health than other protein-centric publications such as Atkins, Mark Sisson, Protein Power and many others. Dr. Gundry recognizes the impact of protein on health, as it raises IGF-1 (a potentially dangerous hormone at high levels) and as a result recommends minimal amounts.

    However, if you’re looking for a book that will guarantee heart health, this may not be for you as even Dr. Gundry notes the diet “may” reverse your heart disease. Which is interesting as physicians, such as Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, use foods not recommended by Dr. Gundry such as legumes and grains as part of their program to reverse heart disease and have provided documentation validating the success.

    Weight loss is a great thing and removing processed foods from the diet provide a wide array of benefits. Dr. Gundry’s approach provides those things and if you can also improve vascular health with his program, reducing the threat of heart disease, even better.


  • 2

    I’ve been on the diet now for over 90 days and have lost close to 25 lbs. I feel great. My body shape is changing in a way it has never done before. I think this is due to the kinds of food I’m eating. I’m not killing myself by over exercising and I’m able to enjoy my dark chocolate and wine or occasional cocktail. I don’t feel deprived and feel like I can live the rest of my life eating like this. I feel and look younger just like he said I would. If you want to live a long and HEALTHY life, this is the diet for your. I wouldn’t even call it a diet, it’s a life style change for the better 🙂


  • 3

    Has anyone read about the Paleo Diet ? and is this book by Dr. Gundry the same thing ?


  • 4
    melinda flatley

    I have read the book and find the theories fascinating. However,the biggest thing I don’t understand is Dr Gundy’s reliance on soy foods, seeing as women are now being encouraged to avoid too much soy because of breast cancer issues. Besides…our caveman ancestors certainly did not use soy products,so that doesn’t align with the diet’s encouragemnet to eat like them. Other than that it’s better to avoid grains and carbs in order to lose weight and feel better.


  • 5

    Just got your book as a gift snd am a nurding mom of an 8 month old?? Is this diet safe to do while nursing?


  • 6
    Dee Scully

    Hi again,

    I wanted you to know that I have been on your diet for 39 dys and have lost 20 pounds and counting. Yeah!
    No carbs have passed my lips in 39 day. I have endless energy, My co- workers think I’m on drugs. I’ not even having caffeine. My blood pressure (still on medication) is anywhere from 97 over 70 to 113 over 73. I will soon be going off the medication I’m sure. I hjust had bloodwrk done. I can’t wait to see where my sugar and cholesterol are. My sugar was a little high before the diet ( 110). I am positive it will be good now. This diet has changed my entire life. I am now in control for the first time in my life. I know what to do and it works. I love you! You are a genius. I tell everyone I know about it. Several co workers are going on the diet also. I am auditioning for Simon Cowell’s X Factor singing show on April 7th and I just found a guitar player and am singing around town twice a week. Never felt so good and never have felt so excited about life in general. I feel like a new person. All due to you!

    With great love and appreciation!
    Dee Scully


  • 7

    Since the book was writen, and all the new info about coconut oil, I’m wondering if that isn’t also a “safe” oil to use for cooking?


  • 8

    Dr. Gundry has a free online website where you can view a a blog a few new recipes view the first two weeks of the program. I disagree there is not free information on the web which is the main disadvantage to this diet. The main difference I have seen in this book is not the diet itself, but the explaination and motivation behind it which is well worth the purpose. I have been told many times to eat more vegetables but I desire a more intellectual answer than because they are good for you. This book far exceded my expectations in every way.


  • 9
    Farrell Haralson

    We have been on the diet
    successfully for over 3 months. We were wondering if
    is allowable to add back some
    artificial sweeteners and
    limited amounts of bread and


    The Gun

    Why would you want to do that. Artificial sweeteners are just as bad if not worse than sugar. If you want to tried bread try sprouted breads. Hope this helps


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