Dr Jensens Guide To Natural Weight Control Review

Editor's Review: 2.7 / 5.0

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Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Natural Weight Control is a book offered by several online retailers. The book sells for $16.95 at the time of this review on Amazon.com. Dr. Jensen shares with readers his philosophy of leaving the pills and diet fads behind and focusing on everyday eating patterns as a source for weight loss. The book covers two diet plans based in common sense and health maintenance.

There is no official website for Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Natural Weight Control, but several reviews can be found online at websites who sell the book.

as this is a book and not a diet pill.

Product Features

The introduction to the Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Natural Weight Control begins by knocking the current diet of the typical American down a few notches. According to Jensen, the American diet filled with meat, potatoes, soda and milk are the reason for many health problems including weight issues. Dr. Jensen focuses on natural foods and unrefined selections as the optimal choice for losing weight.

The general guidelines for the weight loss plans include eating less red meat, less milk and soda and the reduction of wheat and other starches from daily meals. By following these guidelines the reader is supposed to be able to lose more weight than they thought possible.

With no official website, there is no place for testimonials to convince readers to try the program offered by Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Natural Weight Control. A website would also allow the Dr to post some sample menu plans, but without it, readers cannot judge the plan before buying the book.

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  • The book is relatively inexpensive.
  • The natural approach to weight loss is appealing to some eaters.


  • The bleak attitude of the Dr may be a turn off for some.
  • There are no testimonials.
  • There is no official website.


Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Natural Weight Control offers a good attitude and diet check. The natural diet plans and advice will be very appealing to some dieters, but others will want a more comfortable meal plan that fits into their everyday lives. Many diet plans and their subsequent success depends on the integration of the diet ideas into the life of the dieter and this one will have trouble fitting into normal American life.

There is no website for the Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Natural Weight Control and that leaves the dieter wondering if anyone else has followed the plan with success. For many people, the reduction of calories, addition of a trusted fat burner and appetite suppressant and daily exercise is all that is needed to shed the pounds.

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