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Dr. Mathew Clark, M.D is the man behind the New Lifestyle Diet. This diet is primarily a liquid diet that claims to provide its dieters with greater flexibility. The use of a liquid diet encourages fast results and allows the dieter to take a step back from food to learn how to eat right again. The diet claims to promote long term healthy weight loss that stays off, because it teaches people how to maintain their weight.

The program was developed for both men and women who want to lose weight, regardless of how much or how little weight they have to lose.

List Of Ingredients

Not applicable as each item in the diet plan will have different ingredients.

Product Features

The New Lifestyle Diet website features everything dieters need to be successful with the program. There are a variety of options from puddings and shakes to cereal, snack bars, soups, and even drinks. The products come with additional support, including weekly lesson plans and even a personal coach to help keep dieters educated and motivated.

A typical day for men using this program looks like this: Breakfast and morning snack are both either a pudding or a shake. Lunch is either a pudding or a shake and a snack bar. Afternoon snack is the same as the morning snack. Dinner allows for up to 8 oz of a lean meat with two cups of vegetables and a snack bar, along with a hot drink.

The program provides a meager 1230 calories, 174 grams of protein, 92 grams of carbs, and only 23 grams of fat per day, which provides the reduced caloric intake necessary to induce weight loss. By ensuring dieters are consistently taking in food and nutrients at regular intervals throughout the day, it ensures metabolic rates will rise, making the body more efficient.

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  • Unlike many similar programs, Dr. Mathew Clark, M.D makes sure his website also provides ample information about and stresses the importance of physical activity for weight loss and overall health goals.


  • The New Lifestyle Diet is fairly expensive, with a four week supply for women costing $273 and a four week program for mean costing $312.
  • The products can only be ordered online.


While we can see the meal plans provide enough caloric intake cuts to promote weight loss, and we like the fact that exercise is promoted as part of the overall plan, we cannot justify the expense of the program. The same thing this program promises to accomplish can be done through eating sensible portions of healthy foods throughout the day, without having to buy into the hype of these products. Support from family, friends, a medical professional, and even online communities dedicated to fitness will help with the support factor provided in the New Lifestyle Diet. Before trying any new diet, speak to a doctor to ensure you are healthy enough for it.

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