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Dr. Melina is a nutritional doctor and bestselling author. She has appeared on the Dr. Oz show and runs an official website. Dr. Melina, also known as Dr. Melina Jampolis authored two books, The No Time to Lose Diet and The Busy Person’s Guide to Permanent Weight Loss. Unlike so many other weight loss personalities, Dr. Melina is a board-certified physician. She maintains a private practice in California.

Dr. Melina focuses on eating healthy for weight loss and disease prevention. This is the sentiment used in her books. She promotes several outside products in addition to her own line of nutritional bars, including Weight Watchers, yerba mate tea, Greek yogurt, hummus and omega 3 fatty acids. The support for yerba mate tea means Dr. Melina is open to using herbal products for better health.

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Dr. Melina graduated with an undergraduate degree from Tufts University and went on to graduate from Tufts Medical School with a specialization in Internal Medicine. The doctor is one of the few to be certified as a physician nutrition specialist. In addition to speaking engagements, private practice and authoring bestselling books, Dr. Melina also sells a line of nutrition bars. Each bar contains between 160 and 180 calories, 14 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. The bars also contain 10 grams of sugar, but this is lower than other weight loss bars. The official website for Dr. Melina offers nutritional information for all bar flavors and a complete list of ingredients. Dieters allergic to peanuts, soy or milk should not consume Dr. Melina bars.

Dr. Melina’s private practice in California focuses on weight loss and healthy nutrition. The practice does not take medical insurance and Medicare does not cover her fees. Associated costs may include testing and blood tests completed at an outside laboratory. Chances are, the fees associated with care from Dr. Melina are quite high and likely too expensive for the average dieter.

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  • Dr. Melina is a physician with a nutrition certification.
  • Supports healthy eating, exercise and supplementation.
  • Takes patients at a private practice.


  • May be too expensive for some dieters.
  • Only limited patients can seek treatment at her private practice.
  • Some foods suggested by the doctor may be too expensive for the average dieter.


Dr. Melina is trained in nutrition and internal medicine. The doctor is board-certified as a physician nutritionist. Despite all the positives, most dieters will not be able to afford personal treatment from Dr. Melina. Instead, dieters must resort to reading one of her two books and following weight loss, healthy eating and exercise guidelines outlined there. Monthly giveaways on her official website include a free 30-minute consultation and gift box.

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