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Dr. Mercola’s Total Health was written by Dr. Joseph Mercola. The doctor is a bestselling author of several books including The No-Grain Diet, Take Control of Your Health and Dr. Mercola’s Total Health. According to the Dr. Mercola’s Total Health, dieters simply need to make changes in the foods they eat in order to lose weight. It is noted by Dr. Mercola that if people who reduce the amount of grains and sugar they consume, they would be making the best choice for their bodies.

Dr. Mercola’s Total Health book is offered through various online book retailers for prices as low as $13.50. On the official Dr. Mercola website, the book is not offered in paper form, but rather as an eBook for $19.95. The website provides dieters a huge selection of health related products, many of which are not aimed at weight loss. The website is cluttered and filled with UV Tanning Supplies and various other electronic devices.


The Total Health diet program.

Product Features

After searching through the Dr. Mercola website, a small amount of information on the Dr. Mercola’s Total Health can be found. The weight loss program is a low carb alternative. According to the information, the book contains information guaranteed for life to help the reader live healthier and lose weight. If the user is not satisfied with the eBook they can get their money back for one full year, minus shipping and handling.

Reviews of the Dr. Mercola’s Total Health book claim the information in the book is 5% weight loss help and 95% cookbook. The remaining health and weight loss information can be found in The No-Grain Diet, also by Dr. Mercola. Other reviewers also noted the Metabolic Test in the book was inconclusive for some and they too were invited to buy another book or purchase a Metabolic Test from Mercola.com for $179.

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  • Follows a low carb plan which is known to cause weight loss.
  • Supports healthy diet choices.
  • Contact information listed on Mercola.com.


  • The book is just another version of the low carb diet.
  • There are no testimonials.
  • Readers felt the book was just a ploy to force additional purchases.
  • The Mercola.com website is cluttered with products and no information.


The low carb diet works. Science has proven that diet will help the body to lose weight and is healthy in the long term. Dr. Mercola’s Total Health book is a version of the low carb diet which should make this book an easy sell; however, users are unhappy with the fact that the book tends to invite future purchases to get all of the information Dr. Mercola has to offer. With no testimonials and no scientific support that this plan is better than any other low carb plan, we cannot support this book.

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    Gary Blanchard

    Dr. Mercolas, Is it true that pork is still used in the processing of sugar? If so, could you give me the details? Thank you, Gary