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Dr. Mirkin is a veteran physician with over 40 years of experience in the medical field, which includes sports and pediatric science. He has hosted his own radio talk show since the 1970s and has since expanded to offering his own advice through his website, which offers nutritional, fitness, and weight loss information personally written by him and his wife, Diana Mirkin. He also authors a blog and a forum for discussing his advice.

Dr. Mirkin’s weight loss and fitness advice is appropriately backed up and stamped with his own seal of approval, and many cannot argue with his decades of experience in the sports nutrition field. The sheer amount of information included in his website may be very helpful for dieters seeking medically backed advice, but his advice may not suit all dieters or at least dieters with specific dieting needs.


Dr. Mirkin offers a website filled with dieting and fitness information personally written by him and his wife.

Product Features

Dr. Mirkin offers information backed up with scientific information and studies, and often cites studies when making claims about how to exercise or diet. His dieting section are extremely popular, and offer information ranging from how to avoid refined carbs to how to pick appropriate dieting products. Some information is also included in an audio format for easy listening on an MP3 player or on the computer.

From a nutritional standpoint, Dr. Mirkin offers medically backed, documented information about dieting techniques that do not appear to be based on fad diets or dangerous methods. The plethora of information to view is another benefit, and dieters can easily browse through section and learn about specific dieting information. The downside to this is that Dr. Mirkin offers generalized information that is already available, and most of his information is not “groundbreaking” or “new” information to dieters. It may serve as an informational tool for learning about general dieting tips and techniques, however.

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  • Offers medically backed information about dieting and fitness.
  • Dr. Mirkin has over 40 years of experience in the medical field, including sports science.


  • May only offer generalized information already made available by numerous other sites.
  • Does not offer specific information for dieters on specific or restricted diets.
  • Does not offer any support for dieters as it is only meant to be an informational hub.


Dr. Mirkin offers a wide variety of medical findings, dieting information, and fitness routines for dieters who desire to learn more information from a scientific stand point. It only offers information, however, and does not offer the type of support that can be gained from other dieting website. It still contains information useful to dieters, however, and may be worth a second perusal.

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