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DrNatura is a line of supplements that aim to assist with overall health and weight loss. The official website states that they’re the “global leader in cleansing and detoxification.” Some of the products offered by DrNatura are the Colonix Program (cleanses the colon), Toxinout Program (cleanses and detoxifies the body), KleriTea (helps with bowel movements), Paranil (herbal supplement), Immune Protect (supports the immune system), Flora Protect Probiotics (helps regulate bacteria in the intestine), DetoxiGreen (helps replace antioxidants and nutrients), Digestaid (natural plant enzymes) and Sovereign Silver (supports immune system and disinfects). There do not appear to be any free trial samples of DrNatura products offered at this time.

The two primary DrNatura supplements appear to be the Colonix Program ($88) and the Toxinout Program ($88). While the Colonix Program consists of KleriTea, Colonix and Paranil supplements, the Toxinout Program involves DetoxiGreen, Toxinout and Flora Protect supplements. Basically each of these weight loss systems endeavor to cleanse the body of unwanted waste, bacteria and toxins to promote overall health. Weight is lost when waste is passed from the intestine/colon. These cleansing systems additionally endeavor to improve health by balancing toxins within the body and assisting the user’s immune system. There are some customer testimonials provided on the official website. DrNatura supplements are sold with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

List of Ingredients

For Colonix: Psyllium Husks, Flax Seed, Fennel Seed, Licorice Root, 100% Pure Stevia Extract, Natual Banana Flavor, Aloe Vera, Grapefruit Pectin, Papaya Fruit, Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root, Rhubarb Root, Alfalfa, Guar Gum, Peppermint Leaf and Uva Ursi Leaf.

Product Features

DrNatura is a brand of weight loss products that are claimed to assist men and women with waste removal and overall health. These supplements aim to remove unwanted waste from the colon/intestine, which helps to cleanse the body and regulate bacteria. The two premiere DrNatura products are the Colonix Program ($88) and the Toxinout Program ($88). These two programs each incorporate the use of three different supplements that are taken with water. The goal is to cleanse the user’s body, boost the immune system, extract toxins and aid with weight reduction. There doesn’t appear to be any substantial clinical evidence presented on the official website.

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  • All DrNatura supplements can be easily and conveniently purchased through the official website.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee offered with DrNatura products.
  • There are some customer testimonials posted on the official website.


  • This is primarily a “cleansing” product, and any weight loss users experience would be secondary.
  • There doesn’t appear to be any real clinical evidence offered on the official website to support the claimed effectiveness of DrNatura supplements.
  • There are no free trial samples of DrNatura products provided through the official website.
  • Some ingredients found in DrNatura products may not be suitable for some individuals.
  • A DrNatura program such as Colonix or Toxinout sells for $88, which may be tad pricey for some individuals.
  • The official DrNatura website doesn’t seem to offer any background information on the company itself.


Overall, DrNatura supplements appear to be more for internal body cleansing than they do weight reduction. While these supplements may aim to reduce the user’s body weight, they do not suppress appetite or burn fat. It would be reassuring to see some actual clinical research posted on the official website to help support the effectiveness of DrNatura supplements, in addition to some free trial samples and some background data on the DrNatura company itself.

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5 User Reviews about Dr. Natura

  • 1

    WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

    Hi everyone! I’m excited to share this review. I started taking this about 2 weeks ago! It’s worked as it says so far!
    I feel cleansed/ renewed/ no more sluggish feeling throughout the day! Decided to take this to completely detox since I would like to conceive hopefully within a year or 2.
    Anyhow, I noticed a sticker on the bottle that read:
    WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
    I called Dr. Natura customer service. Transferred to their medical dept. and spoke with Licensed Pharmacist.
    I asked her what ingredient/chemical this product contains & how much of it.
    Her answer: “Lead in the amount of more than 5ug/liter and lower than 15ug/liter.”
    She also advised: I speak to my doctor since i’m trying to conceive and that there has been no research or information about these products.
    It’s not FDA regulated since it’s an herbal product. There is no telling how it will affect someone who is trying to conceive from the time they stop taking it
    and to the time they conceive…or what sort of reproductive harm it will cause.
    She added that lead is everywhere, in our food and such…that’s it’s not 100% avoidable to be in our foods.
    She was completely as honest as she could be with me about this and I totally appreciate it.
    I concluded that I will also research the issue with lead.
    Does anyone have this same concern or know anything about the lead matter or the content amount that will be harmful or not.
    I’m thinking it may be a warning label in the same sense that other food labels warn: This product was made in a factory that also produces nuts, soy, etc…
    What do you think? I give it 3 stars since it’s worked good but i’m on the fence with the lead content


  • 2

    I’m currently doing the Colonix and Toxinout cleanse. It is fantastic!! I agree with the above comments.The website actually does describe the compnay and they even have a school of herbal medicine. This is a cleanse, not specifically for weight loss, BUT if you clean your liver and other organs, including removing all kinds of build up (GRoss…) from the colon and small intestines, your body will be much more able to eliminate toxins and will work better in general. That alone results in less cravings and weight loss. Also this cleanse cleans the small itestine, not just the colon. This cleanse is safe and gentle. It works over a longer period of time and gets your body up to speed without shocking it. I would recommend it to anyone. The colonix is probably good for everyone, and toxinout maybe unsafe only for the sickest people, or those on dialysis.


  • 3

    OO and P.S. just like fiber colonix can work the opposite and actually make u constipated if you DO NOT drink the proper amount of water, thanks to colonix when im detoxing or not my water intake is the way it should be and now im used to it




    Yes, Vanessa, I agree, it has many fold advanteges, as it has been explained to me, the fibre swells, when mixed with liquid, and works infact like a celotape, all food rests, and parasites, eggs, etc, gets encapsuled in the fibre, and it comes out in one, ofcourse, the training is good too. Makes you get used to drinking the sufficient amount of water, you should.


  • 4


    I am a colonix customer for Dr. Natura. I have extreme digestion issues, H.pylori, IBS possible IBD and gastritis, im looking towards treatments n endocopys and all that fun stuff. Im 25 and live in miami. This product is amazing and i have a comment regarding your clinical studies. They are the ONLY product on this market that is FDA approved. Uhm really clinical studies? Theres real life testimonials and pictures. Seriously i dont think its necessary for the studies i mean their name speaks for its self and their reputation is extremely respected. ALSO theyre the ONLY ones with the correct balance of herbs and natural ingredients and if they r harmful to anyone that’s probably cause they have some kind of serious condition. I mean me with all my conditions find this extremely helpful. wouldnt wanna go out like the king huh? well yea sorry for the caveman grammar, Im at work n rushing this cus i just had to throw my 2 cents.