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Dr. Dean Ornish is a well known and respected doctor for his work on reversing heart disease. His diet book, Eat More, Weigh Less is an adaptation from the process he uses to reverse heart blockages without using drugs or surgery. The adaptation was developed to make it widely available to the general public. He claims this diet will help reverse some forms of heart disease while also helping people to shed those extra pounds.

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The basic idea of Eat More, Weigh Less is that by eating a vegetarian diet that is low in fat and simple carbohydrates, people will be able to enjoy more food, thus ridding the feelings of deprivation and increasing the chance of success. There are many foods that are restricted from the diet, but since Dr. Ornish presents it as a variety of choices, rather than a set of inflexible rules, people have a bit of wiggle room. Depending on their goals, one person may choose not to eat a certain food, such as an avocado (a good source of healthy fat) while another person may elect to include those in his or her plan. It is important to include a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to keep the body energized consistently throughout the day as they are broken down slowly. Since these foods don’t have many calories, people can eat more of them without risking weight gain.

Beyond the food you eat, the book also stresses the importance of exercising, at least lightly a few times a week, and reducing the overall stress levels of your daily life. Our bodies are affected by more than what we eat, including our sleep cycles, stress levels, and activity levels. Addressing all of these issues together will lead to better overall health, and better weight loss results. Even making small changes such as taking the stairs or parking at the back of the lot will help increase the exercise you get.

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  • The book presents information in simple to understand language and supports it with plenty of evidence.


  • This plan is marketed more toward the reversal and prevention of heart disease rather than weight loss.
  • Since this plan calls for a vegetarian diet, there are many people who may avoid it or experience difficulty with the major lifestyle change.


Ultimately, Dr. Ornish promotes healthy food choices, exercise, and stress reduction. This all necessary for better health and for weight loss. The flaw lies in the heavy restrictions placed on the types of foods one should eat and one should avoid, making it hard for most people to stick to. Given the nature of commercially prepared food, it is not recommended on the diet, unless there is less than two grams of fat per serving. With the busy pace of the world today, sticking to this diet could easily become time consuming and expensive.

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    A Williams

    I have a long time health issue with an enlarged prostate or high PSA.
    with that said I need your guidance in the program you excelled in to resolve this problem….appreciate


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    Rita Horne

    I have PAD,and have had new arties in both thighs, and now they are clogging up. Do you have any insite as to what I can do to stop the progression of the dsease? Thankyou


    Juliet Goulet

    What is a good range for healthy chloresterol for men and women?