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The Dr. Oz 28-Day Vegan Challenge is a 28-day program to transform the dieter from animal consumer to a vegan lifestyle. Dr. Oz presents the diet as a change for people who have trouble controlling food portion sizes, which commonly leads to gaining weight and, eventually, obesity. Dr. Oz also adds a link to the environment by claiming a vegan diet reduces animal waste. Veganism is a strict dietary choice that must be rooted in an overall feeling of animal preservation. It can also be a dangerous dietary choice if the dieter does not learn enough about proper protein intake from vegan sources.

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Vegan diet to reduce weight and animal waste by Dr. Oz.

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The 4-week vegan plan outlined by the Dr. Oz 28-Day Vegan Challenge is broken into segments. The first week, the dieter is detoxing the body. Week two focuses on choosing faux foods that taste like meat but contain no animal products. Week three centers on healthy snacks to include in a vegan lifestyle and by week four, the program reverses the vegan choices and advises the dieter to eat lean meat and eggs. The entire process is a bit confusing because the dieter gives up all meat products only to push them back into the diet in the final week.

Vitamin supplementation is important when switching to a vegan diet as vegan sources of protein tend to be incomplete. The Dr. Oz 28-Day Vegan Challenge touches on this fact a bit in the week one description by suggesting a multivitamin and B12 supplement. Vegan protein powders may also be incorporated if the dieter is not consuming enough protein.

There are brief descriptions of each stage of the Dr. Oz 28-Day Vegan Challenge, but making a life change like moving to veganism requires more than a three to five sentence paragraph. Vegan diets are not ideal for everyone and some dieters are better served with diets focusing on a lean source of animal protein in place of vegan proteins. If the dieter will start eating animal products again after the first three weeks, there is little reason to give them up during the first three weeks of the plan.

Information on the diet is available free on the Dr. Oz Show website. There does not seem to be a book associated with the plan, so we assume these brief descriptions are all the dieter has to go on. Dr. Oz does explain the plan more in detail during select appearances.

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  • Animal proteins often contain saturated fats.
  • Diet information is free.


  • Vegan dieting is difficult and requires daily supplementation for good health.
  • At the end of the diet, the dieter adds animal products back.
  • Very little information on the diet exists.


The Dr. Oz 28-Day Vegan Challenge is a contradictory eating plan aimed at changing the dieters eating habits only to place them right back where they started by week four.

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